How to change name in electricity bill

How to change name in electricity bill. These days, several situations exist when you might need to switch a gas or electric bill into your name.

One of these scenarios is when you move into a new house or have to take over an apartment lease from a roommate.

While the exact process for switching utility bills into your name varies depending on which utility is involved, there are a few basic steps you can expect will be involved.

How to change name in electricity bill

how to change name in electricity bill

To update the name on the bill, you can provide documents like a sales agreement or deed, sublease, an official letter of mutation, CNIC copy, and last paid electricity bills.

Choosing the Right Utility

If your name is changing for any reason at all, whether it be out of choice or circumstance you can find this information with a phone call to your utility company.

However, if you are moving into a new house or an apartment building you could write to the previous owners, your realtor, the landlord, or a neighbor and ask him/her for their current bill which will have their names on it and list everything else in their home just as the one in yours will.

Required documents for changing the name

As a citizen, you have the right to access and benefit from the government’s public utilities.

With regards to electricity, one of the main things many citizens are interested in is what documents they need to apply for an electricity connection for their property and if you’re one of these people reading this then please keep reading below to find out what documents you’ll need to submit.

Customer Identification Number (also referred to as Affiliate ID by some companies) is a unique identifier issued by your company to identify you.CNIC copy.

These IDs are generally found on the previous electricity bill in the column with your name and address, on bank statements or credit card statements, or any kind of documentation that bears your name and details of your home address.

Alternative for those who don’t have documentation listing their current address: Attest affidavits from two different persons confirming you live at the same address now.

Change the name on your electricity bill

change the name on your electricity bill

When you’ve obtained the documents, you can go to your neighborhood electrical supply outlet with the necessary paperwork.

Get in touch with them and discuss all of the necessary details:

Since the transfer will happen at a central office, you should visit the electricity board’s headquarters for an application form to officially change the name on the bill.

The authorities will determine that your identity is verified by checking the documents accompanying your application.

If all of the information checks out, they may charge you a processing fee and they’ll send you a new electricity bill with your name listed as the primary contact on it (you can usually pay online or by phone).

Though it may sound simple, getting your electricity bill re-issued with a new name is not as straightforward as you may think.

Firstly, the application itself must be submitted to the Electricity Board office physically and you might even have to present in person some of your supporting documents such as school certificates that were issued long ago.

You will also need to make an appointment but if you do so this far in advance there shouldn’t be much of a wait. Finally, be sure to check out beforehand the list of needed documents required in your area.

Though you need only bring those that are necessary for submission, it doesn’t hurt to show up well prepared with any other copies or proofs that you happen to have on hand so it doesn’t seem like you’re asking them for something unusually difficult.


In general, if the name on an electricity board needs to be changed then you will need to get it done at the Local Electricity Distribution Company.

Changing names is easy and does not take a very long time to be processed. You can do so easily online without much hassle.

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