How To Bypass Lid Lock On Maytag Washer

How To Bypass Lid Lock On Maytag Washer. Lid lock technology is available on most Maytag washing machines. While in operation, the lid lock technology keeps the top of the unit closed.

By inserting an isolated magnet between the solenoid and the trick, an electromagnetic link is established. This gives the idea that the lid is open when it is actually closed as if everything is working as it should.

There are a few steps that you can follow to bypass the lid lock trick without causing any damage or voiding any warranties.

How To Bypass Lid Lock On Maytag Washerbypass lid lock on maytag washer

In this article, we will discuss how to bypass the lid lock on Maytag washers.

Turn Off Washer And Water Supply

There are two essential things to keep in mind when working on the washer to safeguard your safety.

To begin, make sure everything is switched off: disconnect the washer and turn off both valves placed right behind it.

Second, don’t forget to turn off the water supply right soon since you could be electrocuted or even murdered if you don’t.

Locate And Remove The Screw

Find the screws that hold the horizontal tab or power board to the washer. Some versions will have the screws on the back of the machine, while others may have them on the front.

Remove the screws with a screwdriver and pull the panel’s edge with a flathead screwdriver to release the retention clips and raise the washer top panel. Lift the panel carefully to avoid disconnecting any wires.

Locating Lock Lid Switchlocating lock lid switch

By feeling on the bottom of the machine near the back, you can locate the lock lid switch.

In most situations, the lock lid switch should be located beneath the washer in a box that is black, grey, or clear in color.

Placing Magnet

Place a magnet near the location where the lock lid switch is linked to the unit. The magnet should be placed close enough to the solenoid that it will magnetically connect with it when the solenoid is activated and creates an electromagnetic field.

Your washer’s computer will register that the door is locked even when it is left wide open because they are bound together by this strong highly polarity field.

Duct tape can be used to keep this magnet in place so it doesn’t fall out while you’re operating your machine.

Cutting Wires Of Lid Lock Switch

Another option is to cut the wires on the lid lock switch. For the lock and lid switches, look for wire components. Depending on the model, the lid lock wires are normally three or four.

Cutting Lid And Lock Wires

With some pliers, cut the lid and lock down the wires to disconnect the electric connection between the lid and lock system.

Then, using wire strippers, splice a segment of wire insulation off. To begin securing the wires, twist them together. Finally, use a connector or tape to secure them.

Reassembling Top Panel

Assemble the upper portion of the washer ensuring that the waterline is connected to it. Turn on the water supply.

If the bypass is successful, you will be able to open and close the lid lock while the washer continues operating normally.

You will also note that when the lid lock has not been disengaged, a red light should flash upon turning on the appliance.


Without a lid lock, will the washer work?

NO! The lid lock protects against damage from the agitator if the lid is left open. This means that if the lid isn’t present, the motor will continue to spin and move.

Because your machine’s top has an on/off switch, you should check to see whether wires are connected in any way.

Is it possible to bypass the lid switch on a washing machine?

Most washing machines come equipped with a lid switch, which is one of the safeguards against users leaving clothes inside while the door is unlocked.

However, if you happen to still have some room in your washing machine, no matter how little, it can be easily bypassed by jamming a small piece of wood or cotton into the hole facing the detergent dispenser and holding it in place for around 10 seconds until you hear a click next time you try to start your washing machine.

How To Bypass Lid Lock On Maytag Washer

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