How to attach headboard to bed frame

How to attach headboard to bed frame. A standard bed frame is pretty simple to look at and it’s equipped to hold practically any headboard. You’ll find that if you’ve got a frame-mounted headboard attached.

For example, it’s going to have either four horizontally oblong holes or slots positioned vertically one on top of another that’ll accommodate various headboard designs or allow you to raise the headboard up a couple of inches in order to accommodate an extra deep mattress for instance.

Frame-mounted headboards compared to wall-mounted are especially handy when you plan on angling the bed into an alcove.

Placing it in a center room or against a window, and even generally being able to move your furniture around easily without having to resort to framing holes in the wall every time you want to rearrange things.

How to attach headboard to bed frame

how to attach headboard to bed frame

Attach the legs to the headboard. Find the holes already drilled into the bed base, line up with them, and pass-through support as it’s screwed in. Pierce the bed base fabric.

The bolt into the hole and connect tightly. Slide headboard onto screws, level it, and fix carpet to secure all parts together.

Know the height of the table perfectly fits the previous measurement.

Items Required:


Hex key


Headboard mount




Prepare your Headboard and Tools

Begin by pulling out your bed and unpacking all of the boxes. Set your headboard and all the pillows, sheets, and accessories near them.

If any bags come with hardware letters, numbers, or other identifiers, make sure to separate them from each other. Next, grab some tools that you may need for your assembly.

Also, set aside a designated space for them to be placed in when you’re done using them to ensure nothing is accidentally misplaced during the process.

Attach the Headboard’s legs

take the two or three legs of the headboard and then adjust them up once you attach them to the bed frame using your hex key or a screwdriver, depending on the hardware that’s required.

Place any washers on the bolts prior to attaching them to the headboard. Then make sure you have enough height for your bed to attach their legs earlier.

Make sure the headboard is not wobbly after you have attached the legs. If it is, find out where the wobble is coming from. Unscrew the bolts and reattach them.

Front The Headboard To The Bed Frame

Once you have ensured that the legs of the headboard are secure, put your headboard in front of the bed frame.

Position it right up against the frame and center it so that the brackets line up perfectly with the holes on the side of your bed frame.

It may be easier if you ask a friend to hold the headboard steady so you can secure it with bolts. As an alternative, you can find some scrap wood and use that as temporary support while you begin screwing in bolts.

Fix the Headboard to the Frame

fix the headboard to the frame

Place one of the headboard bolts in a leg and leave it loose so that you can position the bed frame.

Your task is to make sure that your bed frame’s legs are completely aligned with the headboard legs before securing them.

If there’s any wobbling, loosen the bolts and try to align the headboard and frame once again.

You might need to lift the frame a little bit and then insert each bolt through both brackets at once.

Pay special attention to your measurements because this could be what causes wobbliness if your frame has been maladjusted or if its position seems slightly off but only if these measurements were not marked correctly when you made up your mind about their placement in relation to each other beforehand.

Ensure that the headboard is centered and flush against the bed frame. Make sure the headboard is aligned properly and isn’t leaning forward or backward from a distance by doing a side-by-side inspection. You’re done.

How to attach headboard to bed frame

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