How often do you change Brita Filter

How often do you change Brita Filter. Brita filters do not technically filter water.

Instead, they improve the taste of tap water by reducing a wide range of chemicals and metals present in the unfiltered tap water, resulting in much healthier and tastier water for your household to consume on a daily basis.

However, you should be aware that even though Brita does remove some forms of impurities from your drinking water, it does not remove any microbes or other naturally occurring organisms.

Though this is the case, Brita is still highly regarded due to its effectiveness in filtering out most everything else plus it comes at a reasonable price point.

How often do you change Brita Filter

how often do you change brita filter

Get a new Brita filter every 2 months. Remember, if the water is particularly hard where you live, the filter may have to be changed more often than that.

Measure out your replacement schedule and get a new filter as soon as your pitcher’s LED filter indicator or SmartLight starts to blink red.

Frequency of Filter Replacements

Brita advises that for the best results regarding clean filtered water, a Brita filter should be replaced after filtering around 40 gallons of water.

However, if you have a stream pitcher filter, you should check your manual to find out when it needs replacing. On average, it’s suggested that any family replace their Brita filters every two months or so.

A step-by-step guide to changing the Brita filter.

Rinse Pitcher

Hand washes Brita pitcher, lid, and attached reservoir. Use dish soap to clean all parts thoroughly. Remove sprayer from cap and rinse under running water until clean.

Wash the Filter

Please take the filter out from your washing machine and thoroughly run some cold tap water over it for about 15 seconds to dissolve any dirt inside.

Add the Filter

Filters are an essential part of most water pitchers, meaning that you have to have them. However, there is a variety of different types of filters, each with its own unique characteristics.

These filters vary in such aspects as to how hard or soft the water is after it gets filtered, or even if the filter can reduce toxic heavy metals from the water.

Before purchasing your new pitcher, be sure to consider which kind of filter you will purchase for it.

It shouldn’t be long before you realize that it is much easier to just change your filter whenever you feel like it needs to be replaced than to keep trying to play detective and figure out what’s wrong when your water tastes funny!

Settings for Replacement Reminders

Find the electronic indicator on the top of the filter. Press the button gently and hold it until the display turns on. Adjust the date to today’s date and set the time as well, generally speaking, this filter lasts for approx. 2 months.

After 2 months have passed, your timer will start flashing and alert you that it is time to replace your filter.

The Reservoir must be Filled

the reservoir must be filled

Now, fill up your Brita filter with clean drinking water by using the supplied tab. Do not drink the first three fillings of water to avoid contamination. Discard it thoroughly before using it for watering the plants in your home.

The first three fillings might have tiny particles trapped inside moving out in the water. This kind of contaminated water is not healthy for consumption.

You will have purified drinking and cooking water for the next two months thanks to your well-maintained Brita Filter.

How often do you change Brita Filter

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