How long do cut sunflowers last

How long do cut sunflowers last. Cut sunflowers will last for about a week when they are treated and cared for in certain ways. It is important to maintain the right conditions such as keeping them well watered and fed.

They will react negatively if they aren’t exposed to moist air that’s rich in carbon dioxide, humidity above 95%, at least 10 hours of sunlight a day, temperate weather between 60F-80F, and warm nights above 55F.

How long do cut sunflowers lastcut sunflowers last

To make it super easy for you to remember, we’ve created this handy online guide on how to keep your cut sunflowers alive longer. Just follow our instructions and with proper care, your flowers should last up to two weeks.

Sunflower Cut-Off Time

Maintaining the life and prolonging the life of cut flowers like sunflowers is quite easy! First, you want to carefully choose the right ones to harvest.

You’ll need a healthy and vibrant growing plant with a flower facing in your direction, cut open petals, strong and sturdy stems with yellow pollen residing at its base.

When you know this flower is fully open, it’s going to wilt rapidly so it is recommended that you harvest them in the early morning hours while they are still cool, because this increases their longevity.

Other ways are by cutting off fading blooms. Remember that if taken care of good flowers has the ability to last for months after harvesting, whereas if ignored they will only live a couple of days at most.

A Guide to Cutting Sunflowers

Take along gardening shears and water when cutting sunflowers from your garden. Cut sunflowers underwater, though keep the flower’s head above water.

Keep flowers out of direct sunlight for best results; attach an umbrella to the bucket to shade them properly, if possible. Leave about 2 1/2 feet (30 inches) of stem on the cut flower and place immediately in a bucket of water until you’re ready to bring it indoors.

Measure your vase before cutting it and make sure there are enough additional inches on the stem so that it can be placed in it easily. After cutting, quickly place in a bucket of water, which will also serve as shelter from sunlight or rainfall until brought indoors.

Cutting and Caring for Sunflowers

To give your flowers a healthy boost, mix up their vase water. Three parts water to one part lemon juice is a good rule of thumb. Be sure to add this mix right before you put your cut flower in the vase or it could wither and die.

Remember always check the temperature of the room first as it could make your solution too cold to prevent bacterial growth while at the same time lowering its acidity level from being too low. Once you’ve done that, replace old vase water every three days with fresh ones.

To ensure your stems don’t dry out, place them into another vase with plain water for about an hour or so until moving them back into their final resting vase.

When you move them back in remember to trim off any scar tissue from the stem that might be blocking new water from entering the stem and hydro-irrigating the flowers on a cellular level.

The sunflower should be displayed in a cool location. Keeping the sunflower away from direct sunlight and vents will increase the sunflower’s lifespan. You may want to place it on a dining room table, an office desk, or a nightstand.

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