How do I reset my Schlage keypad lock without code

How do I reset my Schlage keypad lock without code. Schlage locks are great security devices for homeowners, but it’s important to know how to properly reset them.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to update your Schlage security settings.

For example, if you’ve changed the code in your residential or commercial property, or have forgotten the existing code altogether.

However, many people opt to keep their Schlagelocks on factory preset codes so that they’re reminded of how everything works if there’s an issue with system functionality.

It’s especially important to back up a Schlagelock when moving into a new residence because every realtor will tell you that change is good.

How do I reset my Schlage keypad lock without code

how do i reset my schlage keypad lock without code

Reset your Schlage lock by removing the casing and pressing the reset button if there is one (or) detaching the battery if there isn’t.

Afterward, make sure that you open it up and hold the reset button until the red light isn’t flashing anymore. Once you let go of it, wait for the lock to cycle through its process and turn blue in color. It should be safe to engage now.

Identify the Factory Preset Code

To reset a Schlage door lock, first find the factory/default codes for the lockset. Codes are on the label inside or outside of your lockset and are included in the user guide that came with your purchase.

You will have to enter these codes later when it comes time to finish setting up your lock online again or as quickly as possible if you’re trying to make a return from an eCommerce provider like Amazon, eBay, or Rakuten.

Don’t forget these codes, because you’ll need them for full operation of your lockset and distributors can’t help you without them!

Activate the lock housing

Open the lock housing by removing the screws that hold it onto the back of the lock. Take note of any relevant parts first, such as a battery cover if applicable, and then remove everything so that you have immediate access to the battery or reset button.

Next, trace a path from component to component using large wires or probe hook-ups until you locate where power is being applied to the circuit board inside.

When you do find this, check all wires leading out of it and look for breaks, loose ends, and other foreign material.

These usually lead back to problems with either the source or elsewhere in the system (the keypad’s batteries, a controller, etc.).

Push the Reset button or unplug the Battery

Reset the Schlage lock by engaging the reset button if one is available or by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery.

When removing the housing of your Schlage door lock, make sure to disconnect the capacitor, motor, and batteries before removing it.

Make sure you unplug any wires that are connected. If your model has a red button on it, simply press and hold it for about five seconds and then release it.

Then wait until you hear a click that confirms that resetting of the unit has been completed.

If there isn’t a reset button, proceed by taking off all parts of the Schlage lock’s cover and also separating any other housing so that you can find the batteries compartment and work on discharging all current from their terminals in order to prepare them for another power upcycle to clear their program out.

Remove the Door lock Codes

remove the door lock codes

Disarm the current door lock codes by pressing and holding the Schlage button on the front of the lock until it turns green. Then release it and reconnect the battery within the next 10 seconds.

Press and hold the Schlage button again until you hear a beep then you will know that all codes are cleared.

Lock the door and Reset the lock

Enter a factory preset code to make sure the lock has reset. It will then go through a process of setup. You must let it complete this on its own. Once it’s finished, the lock will be ready to reset with your new codes.

What if I lost my Schlage programming code?

In fact, if you’ve lost your Programming Code, many manufacturers will be able to reset the lock and then use the default Programming Code to reprogram it.

Note that after performing a factory reset, only personal changes will be erased/returned to factory settings.

Why does my Schlage Lock open without code?

It’s likely that when the door was installed, it was in a locked position. It needs to be installed (paired with another device) when in an unlocked position.

You’ll want to turn off pairing mode on your lock after you install it. We hope this information helps, and if we can assist you further please let us know.

how do i reset my schlage keypad lock without code

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