How Do I Change My 4 Digit Schlage Lock Code

How Do I Change My 4 Digit Schlage Lock Code? Schlage is the manufacturer of keyless entry door systems.

In case of a burglary or fire, you do not have to worry because you can use the Schlage lock system to let yourself into your home easily and quickly.

The maximum number of users that can operate using Schlage locks is 19 though you have access to all features right from the start even when it comes down to changing the codes or activating various features like the chime or timer – these codes are available in a manual that comes with every Schlage lock.

How Do I Change My 4 Digit Schlage Lock Codechange my 4 digit schlage lock code

To add/change an entry code, press the Schlage button and the 1 button simultaneously. You will hear and see the Schlage button flash three times.

Once you have entered the new four-digit code, wait for the SchlageButton to flash and beep three times. Confirm the changes by entering the same four-digit code again.

Here we discuss how to change the 4 digit Schlage lock code.

At The Same Time, Press Schlage Button And Number 1

Make sure the door is unlocked before changing the codes on your Schlage lock. In order to remove the lock, you’ll also need to access the interior and exterior parts.

Pressing the Schlage button and then “1” at the same time is how you reset the code of your lock if you’re having problems unlocking it with your existing code because this will auto-open your door for you. It’s really handy should you be locked out or if something goes wrong with one of the numbers.

Input Your New Four-Digit Code

After the Schlage button has stopped flashing, enter your new four-digit code. Don’t forget to write it down somewhere if you do, we won’t be able to retrieve it!

If, after entering all of these numbers, the lock tells you it has reached its limit for saving codes, you will have to delete one of your old codes before you can add a new one.

Follow the instructions above by entering the lock’s code, pressing “2” after that, and finally entering your old code to confirm it’s been deleted.

Retype Your New Code

Once you have entered your new code, the lock will flash and buzz three times. You can now re-enter the code to confirm that you just changed it.

If for some reason you need to change or update the code again in the future, you’ll have a handy record of its prior version saved somewhere around.

So should there be a time when somebody else needs to know it, they can look there and easily find it as opposed to having to learn by memory what it was previously.


Can I remove all the codes from my Schlage lock?

Press the Schlage button then enter your programming code. Press the 6th number, then enter your programming code again after that to delete all of the access codes from your lock.

When you’re done deleting everything, you can now unlock your Schlage lock using your own access code if you want, or simply open it with a key.

A Schlage lock has a programming code. Where is it located?

Your Schlage lock’s user guide provides the default programming code. If you do not have a user guide or it is not in there, then you can check the back of your Schlage lock to check the code.

However, you should make sure that your Schlage lock is off your door to find the code on the backside of the device.


How Do I Change My 4 Digit Schlage Lock Code? The purpose of this article is to give you information on how to change the four-digit code on a Schlage lock. We have talked about how easily and quickly you can change or reset the entry code for your Schlage lock so that you can feel confident when it comes time to pick new numbers for your lock.

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