Hotpoint washer not draining

Hotpoint washer not draining. A Hotpoint washer is great for removing dirt, sweat, and stains from clothing.

In a sense, washing machines actually solve problems without having to scrub every item of clothing by hand but when It gets stuck then it’s not going to be easy on your wallet.

But the washing machine is considered to be one of the most expensive things in the house because they are built to last, so make sure you take good care of it or you’ll end up spending more money than you needed.

There are a few possibilities why your washing machine will not drain properly. Your washer may have a clogged drain hose or the pump may be broken. A broken lid switch or belt could also be the culprit.

The problem may even be something as simple as the hose being jammed when you tried to wash something that was too small for it.

Hotpoint washer not draining

hotpoint washer not draining

If the washing machine isn’t draining well, and it’s been installed plumbing-wise with a coin trap (or strainer), we need to get rid of that because it won’t allow debris at the bottom of the tub to escape.

We may need to reach in with a small tool or eliminate any ‘lantern rings’ on the edge which could be keeping the device from sitting properly against the drain hole.

Lid Switch Assembly Faults

Top-loading washers will only drain and spin if the lid is closed securely, so if your machine won’t drain this might be why!

Give it a try by pressing the lid with your finger to see if you can trigger the drum to spin. If this works, you may simply need to take care of that opening in your machine’s top.

But, if pressing the device doesn’t work at all, your lid switch might have a few issues that need to be resolved!

Drain Pump Defects

Sometimes, little objects or articles of clothing get stuck in the drain pipe.

To see if there really is an obstruction at the source of the problem, remove the grinding part of your drain and look inside it for anything that could be blocking its operation.

If you really can’t see anything in here with your own eyes (it is normally a good idea to use some sort of flashlight), then go ahead and take out the motorized component (the drain pump) and check what you can on this general assembly.

If the motorized component is still rather loud when you apply power to it electrically, then it’s probably malfunctioning because something is wrong with it. In such a case, troubleshooting will indicate replacing it as an ideal salvage solution.

Drain Hose Is Damage

Adjust the hose behind your washing machine, so that water can flow through it properly.

If the hose is kinked, damaged or something is preventing water from draining out of your washing machine, it could mean your washer isn’t functioning correctly at all.

Faulty Water Level Control

If you find that your washing machine is not draining or spinning, the thing to check is the water level control.

At the bottom of your machine’s control panel, there should be a plastic tube attached to the water level valve.

If this part is clogged with lint then you can clear it with vinegar.

If it is corroded, you may need to replace this part on your own and are encouraged to get a technician if you feel that option is too daunting for one reason or another.

Problem with Pump Belt

For older washing machines, water pump belts are sometimes subject to wear and tear after long use.

If your machine has a water pump belt, make sure to watch for signs of excessive wear which may be easily visible if you know where to look on the belt itself or in the washer’s owner’s manual.

Check Coin Trap Regularly

It’s a good idea to periodically clean out the coin trap on washers with one because it will keep their drain free from debris.

If drains are not cleared and the pipes get backed up, water won’t drain properly and the machine could end up failing.

If your washer isn’t draining properly or at all, you should check the coin trap to see if it is clogged or cluttering up the drainage system.


What causes a washer machine not to drain?

Sometimes, if the machine is jammed up too close to a wall, it will impede water flow through the hose and cause it not to drain properly. This could be due to the fact that there is a kink in the hose or there may just be a small buildup of gunk in the bottom of your washing machine’s tub, clogging up the drain.

Hotpoint washer not draining

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