Hotpoint Refrigerator ice maker not working

Hotpoint Refrigerator ice maker not working. The General Electric Hotpoint ice maker usually functions properly, but occasionally something can go wrong. It’s best to find out what is wrong with your ice maker by process of elimination first.

Make sure the freezer is cold enough before beginning. You won’t know for sure that a problem exists with the water flow to the ice maker if you haven’t checked the water dispenser which feeds in-door water faucets located throughout your home and makes sure these faucets aren’t leaking as well.

Of course, fixing any issues or replacing parts isn’t nearly as expensive or time-consuming as buying a new appliance.

Hotpoint Refrigerator ice maker not workinghotpoint refrigerator ice maker not working 2022

We have listed below some common reasons and solutions for the Hotpoint Refrigerator ice maker not working.

Defective Water Inlet Valve

The valve is closed and the pressure has to be at least XX PSI during the time when it wants to fill up with water in order for it to make ice. It’s possible that if the valve is defective then this process won’t work as intended.

If it doesn’t receive power from ‘some source’ then it won’t be able to open up, thus not releasing enough water for the machine to do its job correctly.

You would want someone who can take a look inside of the machine (if possible) and see if there’s something causing problems within the inlet itself. They could easily replace some parts, install new things that might help with fixing this whole thing altogether.

Temperature Setting

If you fail to set the temperature of your freezer on the correct scale because at some point down the line it might be too high, the ice maker will not work properly. And therefore, the appliance is going to stop working completely.

The right temperature for this machine is -18C, but not higher. If you take care of all these things, you will keep your appliance in a very good condition and avoid having to deal with customer service or any other kind of repairs and maintenance or replacement.

Defective Ice Maker Assembly

You might notice a white or brown substance in your ice cubes. This residue is typically caused by minerals from your household water supply being sent through the waterline, but it can also be due to hard water build-up.

Before replacing any of the ice maker components, check that nothing has clogged the input valve, fill arm, or fan motor. If there are no defects found with these parts and your freezer temperature is at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit you may want to consider replacing the ice maker assembly instead.

Faulty Icemaker Module

The icemaker module has the power and physical ability to do almost everything that needs to be done when it comes time to produce ice on a daily basis.

Our engineers have done an excellent job of giving you the kind of technology that can even get your ice dispensing duties done perfectly without putting any effort into it on your part at all.

When using this machinery, take note that if for some reason you don’t end up with the number of cubes you’re expecting or maybe even none at all, there are a few main things to look out for such as whether or not your machine is still plugged in and turned on.

Whether or not the bail arm is in its appropriate position, and even how these parts might be related in what they actually do.

Replace Door Switch

The door switch tells the refrigerator’s dispenser to turn on or off. If the door switch stops working, the fridge won’t dispense ice and water.

To figure out if the door switch is broken, plug a multimeter into it and see if electricity passes through when you open the door. If electricity doesn’t pass through when activated, replace it.

 Icemaker switch does not have continuity

The ice maker switch might be defective. The ice maker switch could also have been accidentally switched off. Check that the icemaker is switched on, and if it isn’t, use a multimeter to test whether the ice maker is working or not.

If the ice maker isn’t working, go ahead and replace it with a new one.

A clogged water filter

Water filters for refrigerators can easily clog up in about six to twelve months. The result of a clogged filter is that the water dispenser will stop functioning and the ice maker will fail to produce any ice cubes.

Water filters need replacement every half year to ensure proper water dispensation, which in turn helps maintain water quality.

Ice Level Control Board does not work

I have noticed that my ice maker is not making any ice when the bucket is full and hasn’t made a lot of ice throughout the day, even though I have to empty the bucket all the time. With an IR beam, they cool an element mounted inside a lamp holder.

Power applied to one terminal will cause it to emit infrared energy. The other terminal acts as a collector for any incoming infrared radiation, so if everything is working properly, the controller senses this condition and sets up shop to make sure everything is operating properly.

Replace the main Control Board once it’s confirmed that power is running through it and has potential reasons for failure.

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