Hampton Bay Air Conditioner Remote Control Not Working

Hampton Bay Air Conditioner Remote Control Not Working. Few people, only a few centuries ago, could have imagined devices that didn’t require being touched.

It would have been like witchcraft. These days it’s so common devices are used for almost everything all the time.

And you may have a good number of them around your house for the air conditioner remote control, and you may use it during those hotter months in the years to cool yourself down with ease.

You may take that for granted until it stops working. What should be done? Make sure you keep reading to find out

Hampton Bay Air Conditioner Remote Control Not Working

hampton bay air conditioner remote control not working

Check the batteries; double-check the user manual, as it tells you exactly which type of battery to use.

The first step is to flip open the top lid on the remote control and press down on an arrow that corresponds with the digital number underneath it (1 through 5) and see if that lights up.

When Hampton Bay Air Conditioner’s remote control does not work, we discuss some problems with it.

Defective Main Control Board

An infrared sensor is built into the main control board, via which signals are received from a remote control.

In the case where the infrared receiver is not working, the remote will not be able to communicate with the control board. It is recommended that you replace the control board if you think it is defective.

Sensor Issue

sensor issue

A malfunctioning LED light at the tip of your remote control might be the cause of a remote control malfunction.

The LED light sends command signals to the sensor on the interface of your air conditioner unit.

If the remote control falls to the ground or if your dog bites it in the right place, making contact with that LED, you need a way to check whether your remote still sends out accurate commands from its LED.

Many resources suggest using an infrared sensor card for this purpose, and if you don’t have one handy, you can easily fashion one as long as you have some common household items in hand, such as a piece of aluminum foil and a flashlight.

Proximity Problem

If you point the remote control at the air conditioner unit and push a button and nothing happens, try moving closer to the air conditioner.

Some air conditioners have a minimum distance of 20 feet that they need to be able to pick up the signal from your remote. Move closer to it and try again.

If there are any pieces of furniture in front of the unit or in front of its UI, move them out of the way.

The remote sensor needs a clear path to be reached by your Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioning device’s interface sensor.

Clean off any dirt or grime with a moist cloth that might be on either or both sensors so there is no interference between them.

Defective Remote Control

defective remote control

First, try replacing the batteries in the remote control.

If installing fresh batteries doesn’t solve your remote control problem, and you can still operate the AC by hand, then your remote control is faulty.

If you think it is faulty, replace it, but make sure to replace it with another one that works.

Life Cause

If the remote control isn’t working, it might be because there are old batteries in the remote.

If you’re having a hard time pressing the buttons or if you notice that the lights on the top of the remote don’t come on when you press a button, it’s possible that you need to replace both the batteries and their contacts with new ones.

Make sure you use two good-quality AA batteries. One way to be sure of that is by testing them yourself with a battery tester or by simply asking someone who would know or checking your owner’s manual just to make sure they’re not something else like a type of battery found in laser pointers but not in AC remotes.

Hampton Bay Air Conditioner Remote Control Not Working

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