Haier washing machine troubleshooting

Haier washing machine troubleshooting. Knowing what you are dealing with is the best way to fix it. Haier washing machines are well-designed creations that will help you clean your clothes without fuss.

Generally speaking, most of Haier’s washing machine problems have similar causes as any other make and model might have. If anything isn’t draining properly, for example, you may have a faulty drain valve.

Also, if anything has malfunctioned with the water supply valves, there may be multiple parts that need replacement to come back online. Inlet Valves are particularly important parts as they manage water flow into the assembly unit.

Thankfully though, many common Haier washing machine problems can easily be fixed at home or on your own in addition to the troubleshooting guide we provided now.

Haier washing machine troubleshooting

haier washing machine troubleshooting

If you’ve recently bought our Haier Washing Machine and are dealing with issues like leaking water, motor not spinning, or no power, it may be something as simple as an obstruction in a hose. We have mentioned a few probable problems and how to fix them below.

Haier Washer won’t turn on

There are simple fixes to commonly encountered appliances that a washer simply won’t turn on. Start by checking if the “L” shaped metal fuse has been blown.

See, it’s cleverly hidden next behind the start/stop button and easily accessible. If it’s blown there is a problem with either the wiring or something in the system itself.

If not, move on to checking for moisture inside or serious fault of your appliance could be failing due to obvious signs of other problems elsewhere.

For example: check for a short-circuited motor, overheated motor housing, and even something leaking with the pump.

Haier Washer doesn’t spin

The lid switch assembly is part of what causes a washing machine to not spin when the lid is open.

For example, a washing machine’s drive belt can stop functioning correctly due to either a broken or loose drive belt.

To troubleshoot the issue, inspect the washer to determine if the drive belt is attached to either a lid switch assembly or a pulley (depending on your model).

If it turns out that the cause for your washing machine not spinning has something to do with more than just the drive belt, then by replacing both components together you’ll be able to change one part without also having to replace another like buying a brand new washing machine instead.

Haier Washer drain problem

Socks and other similar clothing items can get caught in the drain pump, and they can stop it from working.

If you find that a sock or other tiny object is caught in the pump, try to remove the obstruction by reaching into the drain opening.

If you cannot pull out the item with your fingers, select an appropriately sized pair of pliers or tweezers and manually remove them.

Be sure to wash these small tools immediately in hot soapy water before using them again to ensure there is not any residual material left on them.

If everything seems clear but your drain pump is still noisy during the draining cycle, it’s very likely that body parts (not clothes) have got into your pump casing.

This can happen with an infant sucking on its toes for example, or another person biting his nails, etc. In such cases, replacing this part is essential.

Noisy Haier Washer

noisy haier washer

The rear mechanical tub bearing system is in charge of keeping the inner tub in your washing machine from vibrating around.

If the bearings are defective, the washer may begin to shake and make an awful groaning noise that goes straight through you.

Sometimes the manufacturers sell the outer drum and the inner tub separately however we recommend replacing both components as a single unit because removing and pressing in a new bearing can be exceptionally difficult.

And even if you have experience with putting together home appliances like washing machines, it can still be challenging.

We’d like to state that replacing the mechanical tub and bearing-housing is unnecessary and could also be very costly because there are other ways to prevent this noise problem from occurring.

Haier Washer leakage issue

A washer’s tub seal is often overlooked. It keeps water from leaking out of the washer by creating a waterproof seal around the outer edge of the wash drum.

If this spongy, rubber piece tears or develops holes and springs leaks, there’s no way to stop leaks from seeping into the bottom of the washing machine. If your machine leaks from its tub seal, all you may have to do is replace it.

The drain pump pumps water out. If the drain pump is cracked or damaged, or if the bearings are worn out, it could leak water, Repace it.

Haier Washer vibrates or shakes

Have you ever moved your washing machine to another location and forgotten to adjust the leg support? If you have, then you might have broken a washer shock absorber.

The washer mounts are made from rubber or plastic which can wear out over time.

If a washer has been recently relocated, it is possible that some of the mounting hardware has become detached which in turn will shake or vibrate the machine in addition to causing excessive noise.

If any of your shock absorbers are damaged, worn, or missing then it’s vital to replace them in order to keep your machine stable and secure.

A Haier washer lid or door won’t lock

The door lock secures the washer door shut during operation. Once the washer door is closed, it can begin operating.

If the door lock is defective, the washer door will not latch properly. The door lock can fail either mechanically or electrically.

Inspect the different mechanical parts and their connections on the washer to make sure that they are all in place and they are not damaged.

If they are damaged or do not connect properly then you need to replace them before continuing on with your diagnosis because this could be what is causing your door lock not to work as it should.

Use a multimeter to test each switch for continuity to find out whether one of them has failed electronically or mechanically.

If so, you have to replace it because failing switches can cause a lot of things like water leaks.

The Haier washer stopped mid-cycle

If a washer stops mid-cycle, check the door latch. If the latch is damaged or defective, replace it.

If the washer still does not run properly after replacing the latch, and all wires have been removed from the door lock switches, inspect each switch for continuity. Replace any faulty door lock switch.

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