Haier Refrigerator Defrost Drain Clogged

Haier Refrigerator Defrost Drain Clogged. You can try a wide range of solutions to fix a clogged drain in your refrigerator. Below is a list of steps you can take to ensure your drain is flowing properly.

This will help you maintain the performance and efficiency of the appliance while protecting fresh food during the hot summer months. Try many simple fixes before calling a repairman.

Repairing something yourself doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Being resourceful is necessary for success because it takes time and money it makes sense that doing everything yourself saves both time and money in the long run.

Haier Refrigerator Defrost Drain Cloggedhaier refrigerator defrost drain clogged

How to avoid clogged defrost drains in Haier refrigerators. Why is my Haier refrigerator defrosted drain clogged? How to avoid clogged defrost drains in Haier refrigerators.

There are a few reasons which lead to defective drain pans, drain heaters build-up, broken fins, or improper installation.

By knowing how the flow of water keeps the drain pan from refreezing and how it affects your refrigerator operation, you can reduce damage caused by a frozen or clogged drain if such trouble occurs.

Issue With Drain Heater

Some refrigerators are equipped with drain heaters. These prevent the water in the drain pan from re-freezing and clogging the defrost drain.issue with drain heater

However, if your refrigerator is old or it’s been improperly serviced, your drain heaters may not work.

The result of this would be for your refrigerator to never reach its one temperature as it attempts to freeze your food.

Drain Hole For Fridge

A fridge drain hole is an exit point for water that accumulates over time due to condensation inside the freezer compartment. Fridge drain holes are typically located underneath the back wall and flow into the drip pan.

If a fridge drain hole becomes obstructed or clogged, it may cause malfunctions in the cooling process of a refrigerator, causing food to spoil quickly.

First, remove any excess water from drawers and boxes in your freezer, so all excess moisture can drain properly without overflowing, which would otherwise create a real mess.

Next, use either a blow-dryer or cotton swab to safely clean out your fridge drain hole for a slippery passage for water to freely pass through in case it does continue collecting over time.

Defrost Drain Clogged Or Freezing

As we learned before, the side of your refrigerator may be clogged with debris. Certain circumstances may lead to an accumulation of ice on the side of your fridge.

In order to clean it, you will need a plumbing snake. Push the head of the snake into the drain hole as far as you can and pull it out. Move it up and down in order to clean out any blockages.

Afterward, fill the side of your fridge with baking soda and slowly pour hot water into it.

If too much water was poured out, then simply wipe away any excess from your floorboards or carpeting underneath near the refrigerator. Now your fridge is ready to work again.

Problem With Drain Strap

Not all refrigerators are made the same. There are certain models that come equipped with a drain strap that’s meant to bring more heat directly to the defrost drain.

This is how they prevent freezing and waste build-up, which may include harmful bacteria if it’s not maintained regularly.

If the drain strap is losing its efficiency or has already broken or been disposed of properly, there are ways to combat this problem.

By installing defrost ice sensors, you can predict when your unit needs to be emptied and cleaned before it breaks down. Take action right away rather than letting things get out of hand.

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