Haier Microwave Troubleshooting

Haier Microwave Troubleshooting. Like all appliances, Haier Microwaves need to be properly maintained in order to function at their optimum level.

And while there is nothing really to worry about, a handful of problems may arise if too much time has passed between regular cleanings or other routine maintenance was not handled appropriately and left unattended.

The following are the three most common complaints received by company customer service regarding indoor microwaves.

Haier Microwave Troubleshooting

We discuss here a few problems with Haier microwaves and how to fix them.

Haier Microwave Door Will Not Open

haier microwave door will not open

The handle actuator is connected between the door open button and the door latch assembly.

Since the handle actuator is made of plastic, it can break from normal wear. If the handle actuator breaks within its lifespan, replace it with a new one.

The door hook latch engages with the door and keeps it closed during operation.

The plastic will wear out over time, which can cause the door to either stay shut or to not open even when fully latched.

If the plastic breaks and cannot be used or has worn away, replace it using a fastener of your choosing.

Haier Microwave Won’t Turn The Turntable

haier microwave won't turn the turntable

The user control and display board may be malfunctioning. However, the turntable motor is more likely to be at fault.

First, check that there’s enough power going to the turntable motor by trying another power source in its place.

If the turntable isn’t getting any power from a different source, then the user control and display board may indeed be faulty.

Otherwise, you should test it further by replacing it with a known-good board of the same model.

The touchpad might possibly be defective, but it is far more likely that the motor on the turntable is at fault. The first step you can do here is to test the motor.

If the motor isn’t faulty, then these issues point to a malfunction with the touchpad. In order to determine if the touchpad is faulty, press each of its buttons individually and observe its responsiveness,

particularly when facing back and forth, to confirm that some of its buttons are not functioning correctly.

Haier Microwave After A Few Seconds, It Shuts Off

Door switches might fail. Overheating, scorching, or continuous arcing are clear signs of door switches that need replacing.

Although, both visual and multimeter checks of the switch should be conducted before replacement to eliminate any doubt.

If there’s a sign of damage or straight intermittent failure, it’s best to replace that component immediately.

The Thermo protector may have tripped if the microwave runs for a few seconds then stops.

Using this device will increase the safety of the microwave and prevent it from overheating. Upon testing its continuity, you will be able to determine whether it needs to be replaced.

Haier Microwave Will Not Work

The line fuse of a microwave can blow if there’s too much current flowing through the circuitry. If that happens, the microwave won’t work.

The best way to figure out if it’s the line fuse that’s blown or something else is by using a multimeter to see whether or not it has continuity. If not, then you’ll need to replace the fuse with a new one.

In addition to replacing the fuse, you should also find out why it blew in the first place – if you don’t fix that, it’ll keep happening.

So when troubleshooting your electrical appliances, don’t be shy about replacing parts that are faulty – but also fix whatever is wrong with them to avoid future problems.

The thermal fuse cuts off the power to a microwave, typically if it’s overheating. Check it for continuity with a multimeter to see if it’s blown and needs to be replaced.

The thermal fuse can’t be reset–if it is blown, you need to replace it.

Haier Microwave Will Not Heat

haier microwave will not heat

The magnetron creates microwave energy that heats up the food. If the magnetron burns out, your appliance won’t function properly.

The magnetron is not repairable. Should it ever burn out, you will have to replace it completely with a new one costing you money that could be better spent elsewhere and causing further inconvenience.

High-voltage capacitors work with high-voltage diodes to amplify the current coming from the transformer circuit and increase the initial power.

If one fails, for example, by switching off unexpectedly, then there is a good chance that other components powered by it will also shut down or malfunction.

To determine if the capacitor is defective, use a VOM meter with a capacitance testing capability.

Haier Microwave Troubleshooting

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