Haier air conditioner won’t turn on

Haier air conditioner won’t turn on. No matter how reliable your home’s air conditioning is, it is susceptible to breakdowns from time to time.

When this happens, troubleshooting the issue usually requires a trained professional who can determine which of your unit’s parts are failing and inform you as to what must be done.

Some of the more common problems that your Haier air conditioner can experience are listed below, and they may even be the reason why your Haier air conditioning is not working.

Haier air conditioner won’t turn onwhy haier air conditioner won't turn on

If your Haier air conditioner does not turn on, you likely have a power issue. Make sure your electrical outlet is working and that the air conditioner is plugged in completely. Test either a GFI or a GFCI found on your air conditioner plug to see if it’s tripped.

Defective Main Control Board

The main control board is in charge of the entire air conditioner. If it begins to overheat or develop any issues, it might not stop providing power to the compressor.

You should first test all of the other components to see if they are working properly before replacing your main control board. If you are certain that every other part is working correctly, replace the main control board.

Dirty condenser coilsdirty condenser coils 2022

The coils on the condensing unit are an important part of your air conditioning system because they help in dissipating the heat from your home.

The condenser coils are where the refrigerant releases heat as it leaves the evaporator coil and travels down to your home’s attic space.

If these coils become dirty, they will not be able to act as a medium for transferring the heat effectively.

Accumulation of dirt is one reason why you might notice reduced airflow in your unit. The other possible reason could be that the blower motor that moves fresh air through your house is beginning to fail, also hurting airflow throughout your house.

You may also notice drier air or perhaps higher energy bills.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat monitors the temperature of your room and automatically regulates the temperature so that it will stay around the temperature that you have set.

The thermostat is part of an electrical circuit, so it must be completed by a continuous flow of electricity. Your air conditioner’s compressor functions as an energy converter that transfers heat from inside your house to outside through the evaporator coil (the cooling coil located inside your air conditioning system).

The outdoor coil needs to cool down in order to pull away heat stored in your home.

Defective Thermistor

The thermistor is a sensor that detects the temperature of the air inside the refrigerator. The thermistor puts this information into the control board.

The main function of the thermistor is to monitor fluctuations in temperature so that it can prompt any adjustments to settings accordingly.

If there is an issue with a product’s thermistor, it may result in problems for consumers because step-free cooling may not be properly functioning as required.

Compressor Fault

Problems with your A/C compressor might cause you not to be able to use it for a period of time. You can prevent this by keeping yourself properly educated about your compressor so that you will be prepared to fix any problems that might arise, including those caused by unclean air filters or dirty coils.

Icy Buildup

If ice collects on the condenser coils of your air conditioner, it could prevent it from functioning efficiently. Before doing anything else, you should remove all ice cubes on the coils and around the unit to restore its proper function.

 Replacement Relay Board

Many of the components of the air conditioner are powered by the relay board, including the fan motor and compressor. If the relay board is malfunctioning, it might provide continuous voltage to the compressor.
Usually, this does not happen.

Be sure to check more commonly defective parts before you replace the relay board.

If, while checking the other components, you are able to determine that they are all functioning properly, you should replace the relay board.

 Refrigerant Shortages

If your Haier Air Conditioner doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it may not turn on or may not operate correctly.

You should bring in a professional to check what’s going on with your equipment and make the necessary repairs so that you’ll be able to cool your home this summer.

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