Goodman furnace not heating

Goodman furnace not heating. Understanding how your furnace/heating system works is essential, regardless of whether you have a conventional furnace or a high-efficiency furnace.

You need to understand the basic workings of the appliance so that if there are any problems, you will know where to look and what to do when something goes wrong.

The most common cause of furnace problems is dirty filters which restrict airflow and in turn, can sometimes overheat the heat exchanger, which will then shut off too quickly, and your house won’t warm up properly.

Make sure you replace your filters often to help prevent any unnecessary heat exchanger issues such as this.

Goodman furnace not heating

goodman furnace not heating

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions for Goodman furnace not heating.

Cracked Igniter

If the igniter fails or cracks, your furnace won’t ignite. To remove the faulty igniter, turn off the power before removing it. After removing it, inspect for any visible cracks.

If no cracks are found, you can then attach a multimeter to test the igniter’s continuity however, if you find that it does have some type of crack.

The best thing to do is replace the igniter rather than risk another faulty one by applying some electrical tape or a fix-it kit which might just end up doing more damage than good in the end!

Faulty Control Board

The furnace has a power system made up of components, including a control board. The furnace will not heat up if the control board breaks.

The reason is that the control board sends voltage to an ignition system (which is like a switch) in order for it to ignite the fire inside of the furnace.

Defective Pressure Switch

One of the common causes of furnace heating problems is the defective pressure switch. When the burner has enough airflow, the pressure switch turns on.

A malfunctioning pressure switch may not activate when the correct amount of air is present, resulting in the ignition process stalling.

Using a multimeter, check the continuity of the pressure switch to determine if it is defective. A defective pressure switch should be replaced.

Air Flow Issue

The furnace’s burners must have good airflow to function properly. If the furnace is in a more secluded area of the house, it won’t recirculate enough air around itself to help deliver warmer air throughout the house.

If you feel like your floors and walls aren’t any warmer than usual, check for obstructed grates and if you’re using an external vent for your unit.

You should also make sure that there isn’t any frost collecting along or on the outside of the windows, as this could be affecting its temperature efficiency.

Gas Valve Assembly Faults

Gas flows into the burner when the gas valve opens. If the gas valve does not open, the temperature in your house will not get warm enough inside.

To fix this problem, you need to find out if there is a gap in the continuity of your furnace by using a multimeter. Replace your faulty part if there is no continuity.

The thermostat on the wall not working

The wall thermostat is equipped with electrical contacts that control the furnace’s power supply. If the thermostat’s electrical contacts fail, the furnace will not turn on.

Make sure continuity is presently using a multimeter. If there is no continuity between each pair of contacts in the thermostat, replace it.


Why is my Goodman furnace not blowing heat?

When your house is cold in the winter when the furnace is on it may be blowing cold air. … We recommend changing your filter 3-to 4 times per year to help catch more dust and several bugs over time though.

If you find that your filter needs replacing and that you haven’t replaced it in a long while, look elsewhere in your home for air leakages or poor venting that may be causing the furnace to work harder than it normally would.

On a Goodman, where is the reset button?

The Goodman air conditioner reset button should be right near where the tubing is welded onto the outdoor unit.

If a system has trouble turning on or off, then it may be a good idea to check for obstructions in the area of this part as it’s responsible for making sure the system doesn’t get too hot or freeze over.

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