GE Oven won’t turn off

GE Oven won’t turn off. The GE oven will not turn off. A blown fuse might have damaged the mechanics in your oven if it doesn’t work as it should.

A multimeter allows you to confirm broken parts by testing the continuity of circuits. when some parts have been unplugged and/or replaced, continuity will no longer exist.

You can contact an electrician or a do-it-yourself store and purchase new fuses.

GE Oven won’t turn offoven won't turn off

Control boards that continue to heat after the oven has been turned off are likely defective. Replace the control board if necessary. When the heating element burns out, it can sometimes short out to the inside of the oven. 

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions for the GE Oven won’t turn off.

The heating element burns out

Sometimes, if the heating element starts to burn out, it can short out and touch something inside of your oven. If this happens, it will cause a short circuit that won’t let you turn off your oven unless you reset it.

In most cases, if the heating element has burnt out and touched something in the chamber like metal or wiring, it would have visibly damaged itself by growing small holes in itself from touching another material.

Temperature Control Thermostat Fault

The temperature of the oven is controlled by a thermostat. If the thermostat fails, the temperature inside the oven will fluctuate and change without stopping.

Whenever heat is needed, the thermostat cycles on and off to maintain an even temperature.

 Broil element is shorted out

If the broil element is not switching off, it could mean that something has shorted out. If you find exposed wires in your broiler, this may be the problem. Inspect for small holes or blisters.

To determine whether the broil element needs to be replaced, use a multimeter on the resistance setting to test for continuity between wires and the outer case.

Note that a high reading could also be caused by misalignment of elements and does not necessarily mean the element needs replacing – a bit more troubleshooting is recommended in this scenario!

 Defective Relay Board

Relay boards are sometimes installed in ovens. Several relays control the voltage going to a heating element on the relay board.

When one or more of these relays fails, continuous voltage might be sent to the heating element, causing it to malfunction and potentially catch fire if someone isn’t careful.

Choose a replacement relay board based on your specific model as there are many sizes and shapes available.

Faulty Oven Control Board

An oven control board is a device that has relays that send continuous voltage to heating circuits or bakes and broils according to their settings and sensor input.

In certain cases, the relays may short close which will cause the extra amount of voltage sent to heat a circuit which in turn can lead to incorrect functioning of an oven for instance.

If after being turned off it continues working on its own. If this happens we suggest you replace the board because it is experiencing problems.

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