Ge Microwave Turntable Not Turning

Ge Microwave Turntable Not Turning. A microwave oven is one of the most important inventions of our time. However, many people start to wonder what on earth they were thinking when they discover it isn’t so simple to use.

Well, sometimes small issues can get overlooked and create frustration no matter how time-saving and practical technology may be.

One of these minor problems is if your microwave turntable has stopped spinning where you place different items around it for cooking or reheating purposes.

Ge Microwave Turntable Not Turningwhy ge microwave turntable not turning

In this article, we discuss some problems with Ge microwaves when their turntable does not work.

Drive Coupling Problem On Glass Trays

Microwave turntables don’t always rotate because of the glass tray’s drive transmission problem. The transmission could be faulty or stripped out.

The round glass trays that come with microwaves and microwave ovens are controlled by a motor-driven coupling and a roller guide. Three-sided couplings facilitate easy mounting and dismounting from the motor shaft on most units.

You need to detach the coupling of the transmission drive motor using your fingers to inspect if it has any damage at all. If there is damage, you may need to replace it with a new connection kit or purchase an entire new tray.

Roller Guide Issue

Microwaves with roller guides may also have problems turning the turntable. This part lies directly below the glass tray and helps keep this tray rotating as it bakes.

This part works together with the coupler to properly rotate the turntable. Examine the glass tray for cracks, damage, or wear to determine if it is working or not. If this part is worn out, you will need to replace it.

Turntable Motion Stopped By Obstruction

One reason why the microwave turntable may not be turning is that obstruction could be blocking its path. Sometimes food or other particles can become stuck in a place where they are unable to be used, which contributes to this problem when it occurs.

Fortunately, you can easily solve this issue by taking out both the glass tray and circular turntable guide so that you are able to clean them both properly.

Just make sure that everything is soapy and warm prior to getting started so you can rid yourself of the particular objects causing this trouble for your microwave.

Support For Glass Trays

In case your microwave turntable is not working, it may be that the glass tray support has either been broken or stripped out.

Ensure the tray support is not damaged by gently pulling out the shaft of the drive motor. Occasionally, you may need to replace the tray support if you find it damaged.

Defective Main Control Board

The main control might be defective. However, the turntable motor is much more likely to be at fault. First, check the incoming power to the turntable motor.

If there is no power to the turntable motor, then the main control board will be at fault due to a lack of electrical current and not a problem with the main control itself.

Faulty Touchpad

The touchpad might be defective, but it’s more likely the turntable motor is at fault. To test the turntable motor: first, make sure that the power supply to which the turntable motor is connected is turned on.

Then test the turntable motor by manually operating the turntable and checking for any cracking or popping noises. If you hear no such noises, there may be a problem with one of the buttons on your control panel.

To determine if this is truly an issue with the buttons, press each of them in turn and see if it works. If some of them still don’t work while others do, then you may want to replace your touchpad.

Board For User Control And Display

The user control and display board might be faulty. However, if the motor is not turning, we must have either a power failure in the motor or with the motor itself.

First, test both the power coming into the motor as well as to see if it’s moving properly. If it’s not moving and there isn’t power going to it, you’ll need to replace the turntable motor.

And if that doesn’t make a difference, then you’ll need to replace your user control and display board with one of these.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re aware of the most common causes behind a microwave’s turntable not turning, you can easily solve the problem in accordance with the cause in question.

A microwave turntable usually is not difficult to replace or repair and can be done at home by those savvy enough to disassemble their microwave.

You’ll want to contact a professional for microwave repairs or replacement for a brand-new turntable if yours don’t turn.

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