GE microwave door won’t open

GE microwave door won’t open. For many of us, a microwave is an essential part of everyday life. It’s not just a way to reheat leftovers.

There are so many things you can do with a microwave such as steam or boil vegetables or make popcorn instead of using the oven or stovetop. However, sometimes there are things that go wrong with microwaves that leave them completely useless.

Take for example, when your door will no longer open it might be impossible to cook anything at that point because you can’t reach inside the microwave.

The failure of one simple locking mechanism can turn your multi-use appliance into nothing more than a fancy plastic box.

GE microwave door won’t openwhy ge microwave door won't open

If your GE microwave won’t open or close, you may need to replace the door latch mechanism.

This means a spring might be broken or cracked, hooks may be missing from the latch and even buttons that aren’t engaging with the latch properly could be broken.

These things can easily be checked and replaced on your own with orders placed online for parts.

These are all issues you can fix on your own quickly at home. Here we’ve listed some common problems with GE microwaves and how to fix them.

Faulty Door Hook

The door hook engages with the door latch to keep the door closed during operation and maintain security. Since the door hook is made of plastic, it can break due to regular wear.

If the door hook breaks, it may not release the latch properly, preventing the door from opening as a result. If this happens, simply replace the old part with a new one.

Defective Handle Actuator

The handle actuator is linked to the door open button and latch assembly. This part is made from plastic, which means it can find damage from wear and tear.

If this component is damaged, it needs to be replaced to avoid a security risk or hazard of any kind.

Door Latch Lever Issuedoor latch lever issue

Then there’s the door latch lever. This is the mechanism that most microwave doors use to hold the door closed when it’s running or put away.

The latch is a simple plastic hook that catches the door and releases when the button is pressed. However, if it doesn’t rise, there might be something wrong with your latch lever.

It could be stuck in place so that it can no longer rise with the press of the button or perhaps it cannot rise at all! If this is the case, replacing it should fix our problem right up.

Door Spring Fault

Lastly, there’s the door spring which is the part of the appliance that makes your microwave door self-open when you pull down its release lever.

If it has broken or stopped working properly, then the latch won’t open automatically and you’ll have to manually open up the door after pulling down on its handle.

However, most microwaves now have this part as a standard function so, in most instances of a broken spring, it would go unnoticed until its replacement was needed anyway.

Defective Button Springdefective button spring

To access the spring on the inside of the door, slide the door button to open. The spring will be located inside of the door button mechanism. If it is broken, replace it.

Broken Button

The door open button on the microwave may have a broken internal component as evidenced by its inability to consistently function. If the door open button is broken, replace it.

Gummy Connection Issue

You are stuck on the door of the microwave and you press the button to open it. But the door will not open and only goes halfway out or stops before opening completely.

The best way to fix this is by inspecting all sides of the door to make sure everything has not been caught in between. Perhaps if you shut it again, it might drop down so that you can see what caused it to stop working.

It may be that there is something that needs a better cleaning because too much food gets through there because there is a lack of concentration when cleaning off yourself inside outside of your microwave.

GE microwave door won’t open

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