GE dryer making grinding noise

GE dryer making grinding noise. A dryer making loud noise calls for a quick diagnosis so that you can put out the fire, figuratively speaking of course.

Generally, the cause of the loud volume may be due to a variety of factors but discovering and fixing the problem depends on how extensive your troubleshooting skills are.

For example, initially, you have to know exactly what a GE dryer is capable of when it comes to making different “noises.” If your dryer makes clanging noises that indicate that something is probably wrong with your mechanical parts like a worn drum bearing or defective drum roller etc.

With such knowledge at the back of your mind, simply run through each possible “noise” logically until you finally find the one that matches best with the issue occurring in your laundry appliance.

GE dryer making Grinding noisege dryer making grinding

A dryer making loud noises can be quite annoying. In order to find out what the problem is, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting. We went through a list of common reasons for a GE dryer making noise, like worn parts or defective rollers, and found possible solutions that should fix your issue.

Broken Drive Belt

A dryer’s drive belt is a long, elastic fabric strip that wraps around the interior and exterior of the unit and allows it to operate. The drive belt can get damaged if it doesn’t receive proper care or wears out over time.

If the drive belt is frayed or damaged in any way, then you can bet that it’s going to be noisy as it turns due to having friction with multiple places on the moving parts.

In situations such as this, you need to inspect the drive belt for signs of wear which could mean taking out your measuring tape and measuring next to where the belts are connected with each pulley before replacing anything in general.

Drum Bearing is Worn

The drum bearing is essential for the dryer to perform as it should. Over time, the drum bearing can wear out. If the drum bearing wears out, your dryer could potentially make loud noises when running.

To determine if the drum bearing is causing your noise problem, remove the dryer belt and expect to see if the drum rotates on its own by hand. If your drum turns easily and makes no noise, then it’s unlikely that your issue is with a faulty drum bearing.

But if you notice that your clothes aren’t drying as quickly as they should be or you’re hearing any strange grinding or squealing sounds while running, then it’s possible that you have a problem with worn-out bearings that need replacing.

Drum Roller is Defective

Behind the drum, you’ll find the drum rollers. If wear and tear have made them less than smooth then they will make a louder than usual noise when spinning and this should be attended to. It is likely that by replacing these rollers you will also need to change the shafts as well.

In either case, this may require removing the drum (see your manual) but usually involves removing 6 screws or so – and tightening up in reverse order of loosening makes things easier, especially if you are not familiar with doing repairs yourself.

Faulty Blower Wheel

The dryer’s blower wheel has drawn air through the dryer and pushed it out of the vent when you turned the dryer on. But, this could leave behind any tiny articles of clothing (like socks or lint for example) that might get trapped in the top portion of the blower wheel.

If an object was caught in the blower wheel, then it may make noise. In addition, sometimes because it’s made of two separate pieces, a sleeve worn out from friction against the motor shaft may cause wobbling of its own over time – which creates even more unwanted noises to boot!

To determine if your blower wheel is normal, check if there are any obstructions to its movement if not, try rotating it by hand – if it wobbles as it turns you will need to replace it.

Replace Maintenance Kit

A dryer maintenance kit is common when it comes to fixing a dryer that makes noise because there are so many parts in your dryer, which may eventually become defective.

Let’s say you have no idea which part to buy and you want to repair your noisy dryer efficiently – the best way is by purchasing a maintenance kit for your specific model of the appliance.

Dryer kits are often sold online since it’s one of their most popular products and an item that people frequently need to buy for repairs.

Drive Motor isn’t working

The drive motor bearings aren’t worn out for the most part. You would first want to look into other commonly defective components, such as the clutch or read/write heads. Replace the drive motor if everything else is working properly.

Damaged Idler Assembly

Inspect the idler assembly for signs of wear and tear as well as discoloration. If the idler assembly seems to have any ongoing problems, we would be glad to show you how a replacement drive belt might help keep it spinning smoothly.

We also recommend replacing a worn or damaged unit and not just the drive belt because idlers tend to be made of a few different pieces that all get used together to turn your pulley at the right speed.

 Problem with Idler Pulley

Inspect the pulley for signs of wear. If the pulley is worn or damaged, we suggest you replace it. On top of that, replacing the belt should be considered.

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