Ge Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

Ge Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes. GE dishwashers are moderately priced and offer a lot of features that you wouldn’t expect from a mid-range unit. We especially like the AdjustARack feature.

The racks inside allow you to easily match dishes, so problems like wasting water or space can be avoided. The dishwasher comes with an extra rack installed at the top of the two racks.

In this third rack, utensils and other objects can be stored. This unit has been complained about not being able to dry dishes fully enough. If your experience sounds similar, try these troubleshooting suggestions.

Ge Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

ge dishwasher not drying dishes

Your dishwasher’s vent releases hot air during the drying cycle. If the vent isn’t releasing steam properly, your dishes will remain unwashed and some may even be damaged in the process, not to mention your appliance won’t work as efficiently.

Inspect and clean off any obstructions that are preventing the vents from working correctly so your appliances and hardware can operate correctly.

This article discusses a problem with a Ge dishwasher that does not dry dishes.

Assembly Of The Heating Element

Some dishwashers will have both heating and drying cycles. If the heating element assembly has failed, it’s possible that the machine won’t cut off the heating cycle during the drying part of it, resulting in the dishes not getting properly dried.

To determine if this is the problem, use a multimeter to test for electrical continuity to see if your heating element is fried! If there is no continuity then replace your dishwasher’s heating element assembly.

Fan Motor For Vents

fan motor for vents

A vent fan motor is an important part of a dishwasher. If the vent fan motor cannot spin freely, it will not allow the dishwasher to dry dishes properly.

But before you decide that this is the reason your machine is leaking, there are other things you should do to troubleshoot what’s going on.

First, test the vent fan motor for continuity to see if it’s working or not (you can get a multimeter at most big-name home improvement stores).

Second, try testing the blades of the vent motor; if those are frozen in place and won’t turn freely, then that might be your problem.

Heating Element Problem

heating element problem

A heating element may be used in some dishwashers to heat them during the drying cycle.

If a dishwasher does not have a heating element, it won’t be able to dry dishes properly.

To determine if the heating element has failed, use a multimeter to test for continuity.

If the heating element does not have continuity, replace it with a new one from an appliance parts distributor.

Failed Vent

There might be a problem with the vent. As you let the dishes dry, many dishwashers use a vent to let out the hot air they’ve engineered to generate during the rinse cycle.

If the vent doesn’t open properly, your dishwasher will end up leaving moisture on the dishes. Check on the vent mechanism to ensure it is moving as it should.


Is there a reason why my GE dishwasher leaves my dishes wet?

Your dishwasher’s air vent releases hot air during the drying cycle. If the vent isn’t opening properly, steam can’t escape and your dishes won’t get as dry as they should be.

Inspect the vent and remove any build-up that may be restricting airflow. If the vent isn’t working at all, it will need to be repaired or replaced.

My dishwasher does not dry the heat. Why is that?

As you can imagine, heating elements use a lot of electricity. With tighter governmental energy standards, the majority of specialists have ditched the heating element in favor of an air drying system.

Air drying systems use hot water at the end of a cycle to coat dishes with heated moisture if needed and other times just allow for air to do its work.

An additional benefit is that these machines are about 50% quieter than traditional ones but not completely silent.

Ge Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

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