Ge Air Conditioner Leaking Water

Ge Air Conditioner Leaking Water. During the summer months, air conditioning is a necessity. During summers, if you don’t perform maintenance and servicing on your air conditioner, you may experience some problems.

The most common problem is leakage caused by a malfunction of the AC system.

We will take a look at some of the most common AC parts that leak water out when they no longer function properly, along with how to fix them if it should come to that point.

Ge Air Conditioner Leaking Waterge air conditioner leaking water 2022

We’ll go over some of the issues with a Ge air conditioner that’s leaking water in this article.

Drain Pan Damaged

When an air-conditioning unit is old or defective, the drain pan that is designed to hold condensation might have rusted through over time.

This could cause water to leak out of an air conditioner instead of collecting liquid water which can then cause problems with mold within a building.

Gas And Refrigerant Levels Are Low

When there is a leak in the air conditioning pump, it lowers the pressure inside of the device.

This then causes an overflow of water inside the unit and onto surrounding areas as well as a build-up of ice on top of any evaporator coils.

That’s one thing about refrigerant gases when they are low on pressure, they expand exponentially, changing from liquid to gas form quite rapidly.

Dirty Air Filter

The air flowing inside of a double-paned air conditioner unit is much the same as you would find in your home. As time goes on, though, both of these pans will become dirty and clogged with dangerous particles that stay inside the system.

The particles that get stuck between the two panes cause moisture to stop emitting from the unit itself.

Over time, this clogging becomes so hazardous that it can freeze over completely, spreading an excessive amount of freezing water onto your air conditioning system’s coils.

This result means that they won’t be able to heat or cool as effectively or end up breaking completely.

Drain Pipe Is Clogged

Dirt, debris, and other objects can build up over time and block the drainage pipe of your air conditioner. This will prevent water from flowing correctly away from your unit, causing it to overflow.

If your air conditioning is leaking water, this could lead to you having to pay a lot of money in repairs or even completely replacing everything from top to bottom.

The best way to avoid this situation is by hiring Urban Company to clean out your air conditioning on a regular basis and keep it running at its peak without costing you thousands of dollars unnecessary in the long run.

Incorrect Installation

If your recently installed air conditioning system is leaking, the most likely reason for this leak is a faulty air conditioning installation. This means that both the air conditioning and the drainage pipes are not proportional.

This disrupts water flow out of the drainage pan into the drain pipe. The water may be flowing backward or lying at the same level, which is because it cannot stream ahead.

When installing your air conditioner, make sure you place your drain pipe lower than your air conditioning unit so that it allows water to flow downwards towards your ductwork reducing standing water or overflow.

You can speak to Urban Company about hiring their professional help to install your ac system quickly and efficiently.

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