Garbage disposal keeps tripping

Garbage disposal keeps tripping. So many people own garbage disposal because it is a necessity for the kitchen.

It’s important to know, however that it requires maintenance, and though there are several brands and models available for consumers out there, not all of them work in the same way.

One of the most common problems users come across is that their garbage disposal keeps tripping or turning off every now and then when they’re trying to use it.

There is more than one reason why this can happen and in order to prevent any further problems from happening.

Learning how to fix them before they become recurring issues can go a long way toward keeping garbage disposal running smoothly for years to come!

Garbage disposal keeps tripping

garbage disposal keeps tripping

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions for Garbage disposal keep tripping.

Faulty Circuit Breaker

Whether a garbage disposal is being installed or something trips and requires troubleshooting, it’s important to verify the circuit breaker for capacity.

If the amperage is too low for this particular appliance, it will cause an overload that could potentially trip the circuit.

In order to ensure that the power required to operate garbage disposal is handled by a properly sized circuit breaker, consult with local building codes in regard to wiring requirements.

If the garbage disposal is still tripping the breaker after this investigation, then you need a larger circuit breaker, and if you have determined that the circuit breaker is operating okay, then there might be damage to your wires from another appliance or some sort of overloading issue

Plate Is Not Moving

The shredding plate might be jammed. Most disposals have an opening at the bottom of the housing; most usually have a quarter-inch Allen wrench hole.

You can wiggle the shredding plate back and forth until it moves freely by inserting a disposer wrench or a 1-4-inch Allen wrench into the bottom of the disposal.

To remove the shredding plate, if there is no opening at the bottom of your disposer, you can use a broom handle.

Installation issue

It may have happened during the installation process if the wiring is causing the garbage disposal to trip continuously.

The wires could have been faulty to start with, of course. Incorrectly wired garbage disposals can be fixed.

You may need to call an electrician if you are unfamiliar with electrical wiring however, if you wish to replace the faulty garbage disposal yourself.

As long as you take it slow and you have the right tools at hand, it should be fine – even a non-professional can do this.

Knowing how the garbage disposal should be wired correctly will prevent future issues. Luckily, many garbage disposals are hardwired directly into their outlets!

Defective Motor

Despite making a humming sound, the garbage disposal won’t start. A bad motor or damaged bearings inside the disposal are likely to cause this problem.

The garbage disposal can’t be repaired—if these parts are damaged, you’ll have to replace the entire unit instead.


How do I know if my garbage disposal is bad?

When you hear strange and unusual noises coming from your garbage disposal or any other plumbing issue, it might be time to think about replacing the unit.

It may be a good idea to get new garbage disposal if your garbage disposal is emitting a bad smell that won’t go away or if it won’t turn on.

Yet another sign that it’s time to replace the garbage disposal is when water is continually leaking out of the drain.

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