Furnace blower not working

Furnace blower not working. When your furnace blower doesn’t turn on, this can sometimes be a very easy problem to solve yourself.

It is important that you know what you’re doing as each of these steps explained below involves specific actions which are sensitive and can cause your problem to worsen otherwise, they are not done correctly.

As such, we have written this post to guide how you can deal with these issues. Please note that if you don’t feel comfortable taking on this job yourself, calling in specialists might be advisable for safety precautions.

Furnace blower not working

furnace blower not working

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions for the Furnace blower not working.

Blower Motor Failure

First, make sure power is getting through to the blower motor – if you’re experiencing problems with your blower motor, it may mean that the whole system isn’t working as it should and that you need a new blower.

If your blower motor does seem to be running but not as efficiently as possible, check for a broken or damaged return duct or possibly an obstructed air tube. This would account for the fault!

Problem With Control Board

A control board regulates the power supply throughout the furnace’s different parts, ensuring everything gets what it needs to function well. This makes sure the blower motor starts up when a fire is stoked.

Damage Filters and Vents

A furnace blower is designed to circulate air, so the blower won’t work without air. You should always check the vents and filters surrounding your blower to ensure that the area is clear of anything restricting its movement.

The arrows on your furnace filter can be viewed by looking into its housing. In the event that your

furnace blower isn’t functioning, make sure the arrows on the furnace filter are facing the correct direction. Compare the arrows to the corresponding marking on your furnace filter housing.

Once you make sure they match up, put everything back together and check that all of your vents are still clear of obstructions like dust particles or hair from getting past them because if you run a bunch of dust through a vent with holes.

It can clog up very quickly over time which could lead to the motor not being able to turn properly resulting in a burnt-out motor trying to suck in air – with none coming through!

Thermostat Not Working

The first thing to do if your blower fan is working is to check your furnace’s thermostat. In most cases, thermostats will be set to “auto” when they are manufactured.

You may need to implement a manual override, however, if your thermostat malfunctions or becomes outdated.

Switch the thermostat set to “ON” for our purposes.  When the furnace fan doesn’t turn on despite having changed this setting to “ON,” move on to replacing the batteries in your thermostat

or setting the temperature controls (or adjusting its temperature settings) even just slightly higher than it would usually be.

Inspect the Wires

If your furnace is experiencing problems, check to make sure that the power cord hasn’t become melted or a fuse has not blown.

You can try unplugging the fan for a few minutes, then plugging it back in again, if everything appears to be in order and nothing appears to explain the furnace issues.

Some furnaces can create glitches when they are too hot or have cooled down too much.

Unplugging and plugging your fan back in again should restore functionality to get your unit producing heat again. Check the fuse box if your furnace still isn’t working properly.

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