Frigidaire Washer Won’t Spin

Frigidaire Washer Won’t Spin. If the reason why your Frigidaire Washer isn’t spinning is because of a faulty part, it may be due to the lid switch assembly or the rotor assembly. Check whether or not the lid switch needs to be replaced by using a multimeter.

The next step would be to see if the drive motor is functioning normally. If not, then you should check if power is getting through and if it sounds normal while trying to rotate.

You could also determine if your machine has rotor issues by checking if they are damaged and getting replacements accordingly.

Frigidaire Washer Won’t Spin

frigidaire washer won't spin

Frigidaire washer won’t spin. Inspect the drive belt of the high-speed spindle to determine if it is broken or if it is loose on the pulleys.

If the drive belt is broken or loose, replace it. Also inspect the lid switch assembly, which may be faulty, preventing the washer from spinning.

In this article, we talk about why a Frigidaire washer doesn’t spin and how to fix it.

Motor Coupling Problem

The motor coupling joins the washer’s transmission to its motor. If the machine is overloaded and about to fail, the coupling will break in order to protect both parts so neither gets damaged.

The coupling can also break because normal wear breaks even the best equipment after a while.

Check if your motor coupling is broken or damaged, then replace it with a new one if that’s what you think needs doing. If you do have some wearing out of your motor or transmission parts, let us take care of it for you.

Clutch Failure

The clutch is a mechanism that connects the transmission to the engine. It’s responsible for accelerating the transmission and gradually spinning it up to the proper RPM under load so that the vehicle will move smoothly.

If your car’s clutch breaks, it prevents you from accelerating and causes severe damage over time to your car not to mention potential serious harm to yourself if you continue driving in this condition. If they are worn, replace them as soon as possible.

Error With Drive Pulley

error with drive pulleyThe drive pulley is connected to the washer drum and works in conjunction with its belt and motor to help rotate it.

It’s made up of three separate parts, which include its key, bearing, and axle.

The worn-out or defective parts are what cause the problem. They damage the belt causing it to slip off, which stops the machine from operating properly.

Therefore when you notice this component failing, it’s best to take action before things get worse.

Misaligned Stator Assembly

The wires on the stator interact with the wires on the rotor (magnetic field source) to create an electromagnetic field, putting the washer in rotation.

If the wires of the stator are defective, damaged, or become disconnected, then the washer will not spin or agitate. Check for bad connections in either case.

Trouble With Bearings

trouble with bearings

The tub bearing is located in the center of the outer tub. It helps keep the inner tub spinning smoothly. If the tub bearing is defective and it’s sold separately, replace it.

Rather than replacing one or the other, consider replacing both parts together as an assembly. This way, you don’t have to worry about going in for repairs so quickly after obtaining a new machine and spending more money overall.

Fault In Basket Drive

The basket drive sits atop the transmission and engages with the inner tub. If the engine is engaging to spin and if the outer tub spins slowly or does not spin at all, then you may have a damaged basket drive that needs to be replaced.

Additionally, if the basket drive tabs on the spin tube are undamaged and there are no visible signs of damage – such as cracks – then it is likely that either is similar to the clutch pads.

The mechanical parts within your basket drive, including those soft metal parts which need rubbing against one another to work, have simply worn out after an excessive amount of wear & tear over time due to normal use.

Defective Transmission

defective transmission

Sometimes, a washer doesn’t spin for the most unexpected of reasons. Sometimes it’s the transmission that has failed, and sometimes, it’s a part you’ve considered hundreds of times before but which, in reality, operates flawlessly for years on end without fail.

Whether your washer is not spinning is down to the transmission or something else entirely, first having checked all of the other commonly defective parts can go a long way to helping you pinpoint exactly where any problems really lie.

Assembly of Lid Switch

The lid switch assembly prevents the washer from spinning when the lid is open. If this part breaks, your dishwasher may not clean your dishes properly.

To determine if this component needs to be replaced, use a multimeter (or continuity tester) and test the switch’s continuity. If it doesn’t have continuity, replace the assembly.

Frigidaire Washer Won’t Spin

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