Frigidaire washer not draining

Frigidaire washer not draining. Modern technology and smart appliances help us do so many things, from saving time with cooking to helping us clean our homes. One of the products you could invest in for your life is a washing machine.

There are plenty of options on the market right now, some better than others. Over at Frigidaire, they’ve designed machines that are sure to last you a long time while making sure your clothes are safe and sound during the wash.

Frigidaire washer not drainingfrigidaire washer not draining

If your washer won’t drain or is not draining properly, then there are a couple of things you need to look into.

First, check the drainage hose to see if it is kinked, twisted, or bent. If there are any obstructions in the drainage hose try to locate and remove them. If necessary replace the drainage hose.

Drain Clogged

A clogged drain might cause a Frigidaire washing machine to not remove the water before going into the spin cycle, and it can be caused by an item of clothing, or another small object, or even soap scum.

If the drain blockage is positioned in a way where it does not prevent water draining but rather slows down the process then manual removal of water from your washing machine may work.

This means you will have to remove enough water manually to resolve any issues with the blocked draining system.

However, if there is no flow at all then you are dealing with a serious block and will likely have to remove the object blocking the drainage in order for your machine to start working properly again.

Faulty Lid Switch Assemblyfaulty lid switch assembly

The lid switch assembly for a washing machine prevents the washer from spinning when the lid is open. If the lid switch assembly fails, the machine will not drain properly.

To determine if the lid switch is defective, test each of the individual switches using a multimeter (or continuity tester) to see if they are working properly or to see if they have continuity while touching each other and while separated by an electrical part such as a resistor.

If one or more do not have continuity replace them as this means they may be shorting out and sending a signal to the motherboard to tell it that the lid is still up or down regardless of whether it actually is or isn’t.

Defective Drain Pumpdefective drain pump

Sometimes small articles of clothing or wrappers can get caught in the drain pump. To determine if anything is stuck in the pump, remove it and check the pump for obstructions.

If the sink is clear, but there’s still something making a rattling noise during a cycle which indicates there’s still something blocking the drain pump replace it.

Fault caused by the Coin Trap

Many washers have a coin trap which is used to stop metal objects that come into the drain. The coin trap should be cleaned periodically in order to prevent it from getting clogged. I

f debris continues to accumulate inside the coin trap it will eventually become clogged and the machine won’t work properly or won’t drain at all, therefore affecting its performance.

Having trouble with water pump belts

When it comes to washing machines there are a few different ways that you can use in order to operate them.

However, if you start noticing that water has been pooling around your home then this could mean one of three things: Low water pump pressure, a dirty filter, and the problem of having a broken pump belt.

If the pump belt is broken or worn out, the washer will not drain properly thus causing the leak. To get your problem sorted out begin by checking the belt and replacing it if it shows signs of excessive wear.

Problems with door locksproblems with door locks

Inspect the door strike assembly for damage. If the door strike is broken, replace it. The door strike is not repairable if it is broken, you must replace it with a new one of the same part number (only from your authorized distributor).

Problem with door lock motor and switch assembly

The door switch is basically used to secure the washing door shut during operation. After closing the washer door, the machine can start spinning its drums loaded with laundry.

Keep in mind, if the washing door has not been latched properly and it’s been left open, during operation, a “door lock problem” may occur which will keep the machine from spinning or then worse: stop doing anything at all.

Upon inspection of your washer’s door switch (or lack of action on your part for that matter), you should be able to see if it’s damaged or not in proper working order.

If so, replace it with an exact replacement part for optimal results and to avoid further complications in the future.

Hose or pump clogged

The most common reason that a washing machine stops working is if the plastic hoses are clogged.

What you can do to fix this is, when there are socks or other small clothing articles in the drain, remove them and check inside the pump hose to make sure there are no obstructions.

Frigidaire washer not draining

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