Frigidaire refrigerator water and ice dispenser not working

Frigidaire refrigerator water and ice dispenser not working. Are you geeking out over why your refrigerator won’t dispense water or ice? Sometimes the fix to this problem might not always be clear when you first notice that something is wrong.

But don’t worry as it could be something that’s an easy fix; like resetting something, or removing excess debris from the central compartment of your fridge and making sure that all of its parts are properly connected and secured.

Not only will these actions help with the dispensing of water and ice, but perhaps in other areas of your life that may have once shown signs of trouble in your personal relationships, work-life balance, or overall health.

Frigidaire refrigerator water and ice dispenser not workingrefrigerator water and ice dispenser not working

Have you checked out our troubleshooting guide for the Frigidaire refrigerator water and ice dispenser not working? It’ll help narrow down what might be causing the problem and provide a few simple solutions to fix it.

Defective Dispenser Control Board

The main function of the dispenser control board is to mostly centralize all system control within the machine.

In other words, if one product does not dispense or perhaps you have paper jams, there is a greater chance that a product component has failed than it is that the control board is at fault.

Replacing the Main control board

The control board is rarely at fault when a problem arises with the ice dispensation system.

Before replacing the control board, it would be wise to check the situation and make sure that there isn’t a flaw in the dispenser components on your machine.

Faulty Dispenser Switch

In the event that one of your dispenser switches is defective, you need to find a way to bring it in for repair.

To determine which, if any, parts need to be replaced, test all of your dispenser’s switches using a multimeter that has basic continuity settings.

If a switch does not have continuity once tested then replace it from repair. This will work in all cases except for when there is an actual physical malfunction that would cause the space for the materials kit being switched out simply doesn’t exist.

Door Switch Failure

The door switch mechanism turns off the ice and water dispenser when the fridge door is open. Sometimes if that part of your refrigerator gets damaged it could be as simple as replacing it, but many other times this switch must be calibrated to work properly again.

To find out which it is, use a multimeter tool to see if there’s continuity when the switch is activated. If the door switch doesn’t have continuity then replace it, otherwise, calibrate the switch if that’s the case instead.

Water Inlet Valve issue

The water valve is responsible for supplying water to the dispenser when on. The valve receives voltage from an electric pump or motor which allows water to flow from the pipe. If there is inadequate pressure or power to the valve, it will impede the amount of water flowing through it.

A multimeter can be used to check if there is continuity of power with a qualified technician, who can find and repair any electrical issues not allowing adequate juice to flow between two terminals in and outside the connectors that go into the circuit board.

Clogged Water Filter 

Is your Frigidaire refrigerator dispenser not working as it should? If you have not changed your water filter in 6 months, then now is the time! There are many benefits to getting a fresh new water filter.

First and foremost, it will increase the amount of water (and ice) that comes out of the dispenser. Second, this helps improve the taste and quality of your drinkable water because the old one may have become impure and blocked.

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