Frigidaire Refrigerator Light Bulb Not Working

Frigidaire Refrigerator Light Bulb Not Working. If you open your refrigerator light won’t come on. Normally, this would mean that power has gone out or your plug has been kicked, but you can still feel the chill inside of it and hear the hum of its inner workings, so you know it’s doing its job.

If your freezer has its own light or ice maker, you can even test these to make sure the refrigerator power is still consistent and there are no breaks in that line.

However, if your refrigerator is still keeping things cold, but the light isn’t on, you don’t need to worry about replacing bulbs right away.

We’re going to explain how to troubleshoot some common glitches that could be hindering your interior light from turning on so that you feel secure in knowing exactly what’s causing the problem.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Light Bulb Not Workingfrigidaire refrigerator light bulb not working

Frigidaire Refrigerator Light Bulb Not Working. If the socket is getting power, but the light bulb isn’t glowing, this indicates that your light socket is defective.

If your light socket is defective, replace it. To determine if your light switch hasn’t been wired properly, you will want to test it for continuity with a multimeter. If your light switch doesn’t have continuity, then you’ll need to replace it.

Lightbulb Tighten

There are two easy ways to check whether your refrigerator light is working properly.

You can either turn it on manually by unscrewing the lightbulb, twisting and pulling it apart from where it’s connected so you have room to hold onto the bulb, then turning counterclockwise until you physically hear when the bulb connects correctly.

Just like in a flashlight, sometimes banging or jostling around can make this type of bulb come loose – but if you’re successful, then congrats.

If not, follow up with the second method: if you’re still having trouble after checking this way, try pushing your refrigerator away from the wall. If it comes on when not anchored, then the problem is solved – but if not, continue to follow up.

Defective Blubdefective blub

When you are sure it’s not the wiring, turn the lightbulb counter-clockwise lightly until you can pull it straight out of its holder and then give it a closer look.

If you can see broken filaments in the inside of its glass container, then your light bulb is broken and will need to be replaced.

If when you shake the bulb some debris tinkles or sounds like tiny ceramic bells, then your lightbulb is trashy and has to be replaced as soon as possible.

Bulb socket problem

The next step was to look at the connection more closely. We were hoping to see that the connection of bulb and socket was sufficiently clean but it seemed as though this would not be the case.bulb socket problem

There is a chance that your light may not work anymore because either the base of the bulb or the light socket itself is cracked or just corroded.

This isn’t uncommon, especially if you aren’t very careful when turning on and off your light bulbs while they are still connected to an electrical source like an outlet.

If this happens then there is a high chance that you will have to throw away something like your light bulb rather than trying to fix it at home because it can be quite dangerous and instead buy another type of lightbulb with your hard-earned money.

Light switch Not Working

Some refrigerators have a door-controlled push switch that triggers the light inside of them to come on. Make sure this component is functioning properly, especially if you don’t remember turning on the light yourself.

First, unplug their refrigerator and remove the control panel in order to access and test its wiring with a digital multimeter.

If there isn’t continuity present when you press the switch down then there might be a problem with the component itself and it will need to be replaced

Error In The Light Assembly

It is possible that the light assembly is defective. In many cases, light assembly components are not sold separately. You are thus forced to purchase the entire light assembly to obtain a replacement part.

Lightbulb Replacing

If changing the bulb or cleaning the base doesn’t fix things, you’ll want to replace it. Normally, refrigerators’ bulbs are 120V and 25-40 watts.

Your local hardware store should always have one in stock as they’re necessary for various devices within homes and businesses alike. Make sure to mention that it’s for a refrigerator since there may be similar-looking but incompatible appliance bulbs on the shelf.

Also, keep in mind that some specialty stores like craft stores and aquarium supply shops carry aquarium lamps that can look like a replacement bulb but are generally slightly different than what’s needed for an average household refrigerator.

When installing it, make sure not to put too much force into tightening it as you could damage the electrical contacts inside.

Final words

Frigidaire Refrigerator Light Bulb Not Working. Frigidaire refrigerators of all types and models can be fixed using these steps. But if you don’t find steps to fix your model here, contact Frigidaire for assistance.

As an alternative, chat with any appliance technician using the chatbox in the bottom right corner of your screen. They or other technicians are ready to assist, no appointment is needed.

First, unplug the refrigerator from whatever electrical outlet they are plugged into so as not to risk getting shocked while dealing with this matter.

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