Frigidaire freezer not freezing

Frigidaire freezer not freezing. If your freezer is not freezing your food, it could be due to a few factors. Condenser coils in the back of your freezer may be clogged with frost and dust which restricts airflow.

Dirty coils will mean that your freezer runs warm and can even cause frost buildup on the food contained within. If this is the case, you’ll need to carefully clean the condenser coils by removing them from the rear of the freezer and using a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or scrap materials stuck inside.

The solution to your cooling problem can be as simple as cleaning out the condenser coils, but if your freezer still doesn’t freeze, chances are the evaporator fan motor is either malfunctioning or encrusted with lint and other debris, which could be reducing circulation. Check the steps before purchasing an expensive replacement.

Frigidaire freezer not freezingfrigidaire freezer not freezing 2022

This article looks at the problem of Frigidaire freezers being too cold and how to fix it. If you have this problem with your Frigidaire freezer or any other part of it, you have come to the right place.

Especially if you’re having trouble with one part, getting rid of excess ice build-up, of your freezer will help.

Evaporator fan motor should be checked

To determine whether your refrigerator is airtight, press the switch to turn on the freezer. If the appropriate indicator light comes on.

It means that there is no air leaking in or out of the zero-degree compartment. However, if the indicator light does not come on.

You will need to replace the gasket if you are getting cold but tepid air, or replace water valves if you are only getting tepid air.

Check the Start Relaycheck the start relay

Disconnect the freezer from the source of power to which it is connected. Then, detach the start relay from the side of the compressor and test it between the start and run terminal sockets for continuity.

If there is no continuity or smell of burning, replace it as soon as possible. The compressor will either not run or run at intervals if the start relay is faulty.

And if the compressor does not run optimally, it will not get cold or freeze correctly.

Dirty Condenser Coils

If you can see or feel condenser coils under or behind the freezer, then they should be cleaned if dirty. Dust them to remove any trace of leftover dust which would impair their ability to remove heat from the freezer when in operation.

Make sure the coils are not made of metal as these heat up too much causing the freezer to overcompensate by adding more coolant, which can damage parts.

Defective temperature control thermostatdefective temperature control thermostat

The thermostat must be functional in order to control the temperature of your home. You should test the functionality by setting the temperature to the lowest level then slowly transitioning it to the highest.

When you are at your highest temperature, listen for a click from the unit. If you hear that click, then it is working properly. However, if you do not hear that click, you need to do some more testing on this unit.

To test further, check if there is continuity with a multimeter. If there is no continuity, this means that it’s defective and needs to be replaced because obviously, this cannot serve its purpose otherwise.

Faulty Compressor

You often hear a humming noise from your freezer, which is perfectly normal. The compressor is making the noise as it cycles on and off.

If you do not hear any buzzing sound at all and your food is consistently defrosting, first, check to see if the power cord is connected correctly. If that doesn’t work, you may have to replace the part altogether.

Your Freezer Is Overfilled

In order to freeze food effectively in a fridge or freezer, air must be able to circulate freely. If your appliance is overfilled with food.

It can prevent air from circulating and you will notice that your fridge/freezer does not remain as cold as it should be. Before placing extra foods into the appliance, remove extras that are already there.

Leaking sealed system

When a home freezer only circulates cold air on one shelf or a single section of an appliance’s evaporator coil frosted, there may be a leak within the sealed system.

Sealed system leaks are pricey repairs, as they involve replacing some appliance parts. If your freezer visibly leaks from any part of its sealed system, you will need to replace it entirely.

The Main Control boardthe main control board

Control boards for garage doors and openers are often misdiagnosed. Before replacing the control board, you should first test other parts. If everything else seems to be working, then you should replace the main control board.

Display and User Control Board

The user control and display board may malfunction. However, this is rarely the case. Control boards are often misdiagnosed whether they’re actually being caused by a worn-out display board or not.

It’s important to make sure you’ve checked for other components that could be at fault with the system before changing out the user control and display board.

Because there are sometimes problems with a different component or a faulty connection making it seem as if the display itself is being blamed for being defective.

If all of your other components have been confirmed as functioning properly, replace your faulty user control and display board.

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