Frigidaire Freezer Leaking Water

Frigidaire Freezer Leaking Water. A Frigidaire Freezer operates 24/7—and, because it’s always there when you need it, it may be easy to take for granted.

But as reliable as this kitchen workhorse maybe, a list of potential problems can still present themselves such as leaks that can lead to water damage.

One way to avoid that is by checking the filter regularly and making sure it hasn’t been installed incorrectly or even breaks down over time.

If you suspect that there has been some form of damage in your fridge leading to leakage then follow the five most likely causes and solutions on how you can troubleshoot your Freezer from leaking water.

Frigidaire Freezer Leaking Water

frigidaire freezer leaking water

Here we discuss some issues with leaking water from the freezer of your frigidaire.

Defrost Drain Blocked

The drain tube carries ice from the Freezer defrosts cycle to a pan that collects water, which eventually evaporates.

Over time, this tube can become clogged with ice, causing leaks in some Frigidaire Freezers.

Most have their drain tubes behind the rear panel of the Freezer near the evaporator coils.

To fix a leak without replacing the Freezer’s back panel or defrosting your entire fridge, locate and flush your Freezer’s drain with hot water using a turkey baster to break up icy clogs.

Water Inlet Valve Fault

Frigidaire Freezer water inlet valves can help control water flow and pressure to the ice maker. If the valve is defective, it can mess with the flow of refrigerant and cause your unit to leak water onto the floor or into your freezer.

If you notice that there’s a significant leak under your unit, we recommend moving it away from

any walls or people and then inspecting the steel tubing on both sides of the valve to make sure it hasn’t come off or ruptured at either end where it attaches to the wall or the unit itself.

If there are cracks in or around this piece or if it has bent edges then replacement may be necessary as a cracked piece won’t provide enough tension to seal closed properly.

When attached to the hot and cold water lines that restrict the back-flow of water into your Freezer when main inlet valves shut off supply flow.

Leaking Water Filter

Since water filters are frequently used, they can become worn with use. Water filters that are worn

out tend to develop cracks and leakage which are potentially dangerous for the health of you and your family member, as well as cause additional repair costs in the long run.

If your ice maker is leaking from the bottom or dripping from both the top and side, try replacing years-old water filters NOW so you can keep yourself, your family, and everything else around you safe.

Leaking Ice Maker Or Water Dispenser

A freezer with a water dispenser or ice maker can develop plumbing leaks, just like any other fixture that uses water.

If your fridge has an ice maker or water dispenser, a length of copper tubing connects it to the house’s water supply.

The compression connections that connect the tubing to the water supply and the refrigerator line can develop small leaks under sideways stress.

So if you recently had to move your fridge perhaps to clean behind it, check those connections for possible signs of leaking.

Position the fridge away from the wall so as to allow you to see behind it using a flashlight. If you see water spraying approximately use some duct tape to fix the issue.

Fault In Drain Pans

You’d think that a Freezer’s job was to keep your food cold and stored safely, but the truth is that there’s a lot more going on than you might think.

Any self-defrosting Freezer, Frigidaire included, will come equipped with a drain pan. The purpose of the drain pan is to collect any of the water that melts off of the evaporator coils.

To properly evaporate all of the water that is in the drain pan, the condenser fan will blow warm air coming off of the condenser coils across the top portion of the drain pain.

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