Frigidaire Dryer Tripping Breaker

Frigidaire Dryer Tripping Breaker. We’ve got a list of the most common causes and what to do about it. You’ve checked your circuit breakers, checked the breaker box, and unplugged everything.

The dryer just keeps tripping the circuit breaker. When this happens, it can be really frustrating. A helpful article with advice on what to do when your dryer trips the breaker can be helpful.

If a single outlet, cord, or appliance is working but not the rest, there may be a problem with the power supply at that outlet or behind that appliance.

If your dryer seems to run okay after resetting, have an electrician do an inspection of your electrical system and appliances asap.

Frigidaire Dryer Tripping Breaker

frigidaire dryer tripping breaker

Frigidaire Dryer Tripping Breaker. When a dryer’s heating element fails, it often shorts out against the control panel.

This causes the control board to fail and shuts down the circuit breaker.

If you hear sparking or popping inside the dryer when you turn it on, check to make sure that there is no debris outlined in your user manual; this may lead to a fire hazard.

In this article, we discuss some problems with frigidaire dryers when they trip the breaker.

Issue With Terminal Block

Electric dryer power cords are attached to the dryer at a terminal block.

If any of the wires on the terminal block are loose, they can arc and destroy part of the block, in extreme cases even causing it to melt, leaving your dryer cut off from power.

If this happens, one of these wires may short against the body of the dryer, which will trip your breaker switch and lead to an interruption in service. This is not a common occurrence.

Problem With Internal Short

If your problem isn’t with your circuit breaker, then it may be an internal short caused by a faulty dryer component.

There are many components in a dryer that can cause an internal short, such as a faulty door switch, defective timer, bad motor, or if the on/off switch isn’t operating as intended.

A multimeter can help troubleshoot each of these components and determine if they are good or have a short circuit by testing for the voltage, for example.

If you find one of them is faulty, it will need to be replaced or, if not, simply repaired.

Electrical Connections Are Loose

There might be a loose connection in the outlet. When the connection is loose, it can’t properly transfer current.

This means that the power needed by the dryer might be being mishandled because of this and drawing more power from the electrical system; subsequently, this will trigger the circuit breaker to blow when you are using too much energy, thereby turning off your dryer.

You can fix this by hiring an electrician with experience dealing with electrical outlet problems or researching how you can do it on your own if you want to do it yourself.

Don’t forget they can unintentionally become very dangerous due to potentially live wiring or improper rewiring, as repairs can easily cause fires and other catastrophic events.

Bearing Problems

Eventually, a buildup of grime or dirt can take its toll on a dryer’s motor bearings. This can happen as the result of normal wear and tear or because of lack of upkeep.

When the motor begins to turn with the increasing resistance, it draws more electricity which can be enough to repeatedly trip the circuit breaker, so it’s important to treat any problems before they occur.

Defective Drive Motor

defective drive motor

In some cases, when the drive motor is damaged, it could either be a sign that the motor has shorted out or it may just mean that there is some type of internal malfunction taking place.

In order to determine if the motor needs to be replaced, you should check to see if there is continuity in the windings of the motor.

Faulty Heating Element

When the heating element fails, it can short out against the heater housing, which can cause the heater housing to overheat and trip the circuit breaker.

A simple way to test if it is simply shorted out and not a problem that requires replacement would be to touch each of the terminals with your fingers and check for continuity with a multimeter until one passes.

If no continuity is found, then it signifies that your problem lies elsewhere, and you could try replacing the heating element or timer, etc.

Assemblies For Heating Elements

assemblies for heating elements

Sometimes when the heating element fails, it shorts against the heater housing, causing the dryer to trip the circuit breaker. To test if such is a case, use a multimeter to check each terminal for continuity to the case itself.
If they have continuity with the case, then it is shorted out and needs replacement.
If they don’t have continuity with the case itself, it means there is something wrong with another component, and it might just be a simple troubleshooting issue.
In either case, you’ll need to check other parts of the appliance that could be affecting how well or how long the dryer runs.

Final Words

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have discovered why your dryer is tripping your home’s circuit breaker. Chances are it’s one of the six causes seen above.

If it’s not, however, you can always ask a professional for assistance, as there could be more serious underlying issues for what you’re currently experiencing.

When you need help troubleshooting appliances at home, we hope you’ll check out some of our other articles to aid you in your endeavors. Thank you for reading, and make sure to keep on top of those important home repairs.

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