Echo String Trimmer Won’t Start

Echo String Trimmer Won’t Start. Echo manufactures string trimmers that come in gas-powered versions, electric and cordless versions. All string trimmer engines are two-cycle machines.

What this means is that you’ll need to mix the right fuel and oil ratio together as instructed in your owner’s manual to keep your trimmer running properly.

Meanwhile, Assuming you’re using the proper fuel-to-oil mixture of 50:1, adding too much oil or gasoline can flood your engine and turn it into a false economy because even though you might get a couple of attempts at getting the correct mixture down, flooding your engine causes more problems than anything else.

This can lead to clogging up and preventing your fuel line from delivering all the way to your carburetor properly which will result in a faulty start-up due to issues with the reeds in there which will stop generating enough suction for the incoming oil flow to run through.

Echo String Trimmer Won’t Startecho string trimmer won't start

Why is my Echo String Trimmer won’t start? The issue may have something to do with the carburetor. This tiny part can be clogged quite easily if fuel has been left in the trimmer, which would prevent it from starting up properly.

If your Echo string trimmer is suffering from a clogged carburetor, try using a spray or soak it with carburetor cleaner and then turning on the engine again.

Air Filter Problem

If you smell burning rubber, the air filter may be dirty. If you are experiencing this issue, it is absolutely essential to check the air filter right away to make sure your engine isn’t getting too much fuel and not enough air.

For example, if you notice any blue smoke or white smoke emitting from the tailpipe area of your string trimmers, in particular.

It could be a strong indicator that your string trimmers air filter is dirty and needs immediate attention otherwise the engine may not start in some cases.

Faulty Spark Arrestor

The spark arrestor of string trimmers is a small screen that prevents sparks from being released into the atmosphere. Over time, the spark arrestor can become clogged with soot and dirt.

If the spark arrestor becomes contaminated, the engine may not startup. To unclog your spark arrestor, take it out of the muffler and clean away all particulates with a wire brush or replace it.

Entirely if you believe that it has been permanently damaged by exposure to airborne pollution during its time hanging in there.

Malfunction Of The Rewind Spring

When the starter rope of string trimmers is pulled and released, the rewind spring pulls it back onto the pulley. If the pullback spring is broken, it will not be able to pull the starter rope back, meaning that the engine will not start.

Furthermore, if this pulley has broken completely apart, especially if it has gotten jammed somehow while moving, you might be looking at needing an entirely new recoil system.

It may actually be easier to simply install a whole new one as going through a repair like that can take several hours but installing a replacement could cost half as much and only take an hour or so.

Starter Recoil Pulleystarter recoil pulley

The recoil starter of string trimmers tends to be bolted to the engine block. This feature makes it easy for simple installers as it takes away from the hassle of having to deal with more than one access point.

However, some users have noted that these starters sometimes become lodged or difficult in starting up the engine and therefore need replacing.

The problem is deemed such by a malfunction in the bowels of this part of the vehicle which may have occurred due to a foreign object lodged within its machinery or simply damage with overuse due to the component characteristics that make it so that it ultimately makes sense to replace them entirely when they fail.

Carburetor Failure

It is possible that the carburetor of string trimmers is clogged. The most common cause of clogged carburetors is leaving fuel in the string trimmer for too long.

The substances in the fuel may evaporate over time, leaving behind a thicker substance that could clog the carburetors.

The string trimmer won’t start because there isn’t enough air and fuel to make it run smoothly. You should try cleaning out the string trimmer with carburetor cleaner and see if there isn’t anything blocking its way.

If not, then you may need to rebuild or replace it entirely through a specialist who knows what he or she is doing.

Error With Spark Plug

Make sure the spark plug of string trimmers is in good condition. If you can see cracks in the porcelain insulator, there is excess carbon buildup at the electrode, or an electrode is damaged, you must replace the spark plug.

You will know if a spark plug is defective if there is no spark between the tester’s terminals. If this happens, replace the spark plug with a new one as soon as possible to prevent the sluggish performance of your vehicle engine.

Echo String Trimmer Won’t Start

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