Dryer belt replacement

Dryer belt replacement. The dryer belt goes around the outside of the drum and is looped onto a drive pulley attached to the dryer’s motor shaft to turn. When it is properly tightened, the belt will grip against the outer surface of the drum in order to rotate it.

When a drum roller, glide, or bearing fails, tension can decrease on the belt allowing it to slip out of place. As time goes on and due to continuous wear and tear an unbalanced load.

If the belt has become frayed or worn out because of excess use this might (and often will) cause one or both ends of the belt to break because metal fatigues faster than rubber does.

Dryer belt replacementdryer belt replacement

A broken drive belt is one of the more common issues that can affect your clothes dryer and might be causing you to spend too much of your money in repairs. But don’t worry as it’s also an easy do it yourself repair that typically only uses a screwdriver. By performing this fix, you will save a lot of cash.

Lift the lid and check the belt

Unplug the washing machine. Determine if the plug can be reached without moving the appliance.

If it’s within arms reach, move on to the next step keeping in mind that there is little likelihood of having to move the appliance so don’t get ahead of yourself just yet.

Using a putty knife, press down gently on the lid to pry it open and carefully lift off the top panel. Examine the belt for any signs of wear or damage.

Take off the front covertake off the front cover

Disconnect the connection for the door switch from its electrical source. Remove the screws which are holding the cover for the dryer in place and then lift up this cover and remove it from your “dryer.”

Remove the drum and cut the belt

Dryer belts can dry out, crack and become damaged. To prevent safety concerns with your dryer belt, check it periodically. If there are cuts or cracks in the belt, replace it immediately.

Wrap the belt around the drum

The belt will be threaded over the pulley that isn’t turning and then looped onto the one that’s rotating. The presence of the idle pulley helps keep tension on the new belt.

Loosen or release the drive belt so that there’s enough slack to get it around the drum and into place. Rubber surfaces help keep your belt working as it should.

Drums should be inserted into dryers

Put the drum back in place so that it sits on the rollers contained inside the dryer. Use a bungee cord to keep it upright.

Replace the front of the dryer, and attach the pulley

Underneath the drum of a front-loading machine, you will find two openings where you can access the driveshaft. Should you need to replace the idle pulley, there are two grooves that it snaps into.

The belt also has to loop underneath the idle pulley and then connect to the drive shaft. Replace your front-loading machine’s cover, and while doing so make sure that all fastenings are properly tightened in order for it to correctly fit and close properly.

Dryer belt replacement

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