Dehumidifier making loud noise

Dehumidifier making loud noise. In homes with high levels of humidity, a dehumidifier is an indispensable appliance.

However, when it gets exposed to increased use over time it can become noisy and start creating white dust throughout your home.

If this happens, you’ll probably experience sleep and concentration problems but there is a solution.

Dehumidifier making loud noise

dehumidifier making loud noise

Before attempting to fix a noisy dehumidifier, it is important to troubleshoot the problem.

Find out where the noise is coming from and why it is occurring to determine the issue and how to fix it.

Try finding out if your problems are originating from the Blower Wheel, Fan Blade, fan motor, or Compressor first.

Broken blower wheel

If the blower wheel does not turn freely or if it is almost coming off from the motor shaft, tighten it properly to fix this problem. A wobbling blower wheel can also indicate a problem with the housing. Identify the cause.

Another possible cause for concern is if you notice any sort of physical damage on the outside of your equipment’s fan blades.

If so then there is no alternative but to order replacement parts in order to make sure your blower wheel functions properly again.

Faulty Fan Motor

First, turn the blades by hand to ensure they are spinning freely. The fan blades should not rub against the fan housing.

If the fan blade spins freely and isn’t rubbing against the fan housing, use a multimeter to determine if there is power going to your dehumidifier’s motor.

If there is power going to and through your dehumidifier’s motor but it simply won’t run, then you may need to replace the relevant parts.

The compressor is Worn Out

While the dehumidifier compressor might be noisy during normal operation, it’s still important to keep an eye out for unusual noises that might suggest something has taken a turn for the worse.

The noise itself could mean the compressor is worn out and needs replacing. Generally, a high-quality unit can last for years after it begins to wear so it’s not always immediately cost-effective to replace a noisy component.

Replace the fan blade

See if the fan blades have come off. If they have, replace them and make sure they are firmly tightened around the center shaft. Check whether any of the blades are bent.

This is also a sign that it has come off and needs replacing. If none of this seems to be happening, then turn the switch on and check if the fan turns properly by seeing if there is still wind.

If not, then you may need to change or repair your motor which can be done by a professional electrician.


Humidifiers usually make some noise while they are operating. It can be white noise or something more disruptive, depending on the model you have.

You can adjust the fan speed and place the unit further away from you to reduce noise.

You can fix the issue by using the tips in this article after troubleshooting the issue. Just be aware that there might be a problem.

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