Craftsman Snowblower Troubleshooting

Craftsman Snowblower Troubleshooting. Craftsman snowblowers are incredibly complex machines with many moving parts, so naturally, there will be a few problems from time to time.

However, some issues can be avoided easily, and others if addressed quickly will help you to avoid more costly troubles later down the road.

Here are a couple of questions that should solidify your confidence in your Craftsman snowblower, so that you don’t have to go through what we did this winter even when it’s the busiest time of the year for them.

Craftsman Snowblower Troubleshooting

Listed below are some problems with craftsman snowblowers and how to fix them.

Craftsman Snowblower Will Not Start

The ignition coil sends voltage to the spark plug while the engine is running. If a spark plug becomes defective, it may render the ignition coil useless.

Before replacing the ignition coil, ensure that a spark plug is working properly by testing the spark plugs with an ignition coil tester.

If there are no problems found, you can then proceed to replace your faulty ignition coil with a new one.

The flywheel key is a small metal piece that fits into the crankshaft and engages with the flywheel. If one is snow blowing too fast and their machine hits an obstacle, the flywheel key breaks to prevent damage to the engine.

To test out if your snow blower’s flywheel key is broken, see if it will fit into the crankshaft – if it does not fit in then something went wrong.

You will need to know how to assess which component is damaged before you can change out a part so make sure you have all of the correct specifications for your equipment at hand.

Craftsman Snowblower Runs Poorly

craftsman snowblower runs poorly

The engine oil has been put in the engine. If you have put in the engine oil, it can seep into the breather and seep into the carburetor.

If it has seeped into the carburetor, remove this part and clean it thoroughly. Then ensure that there is enough engine oil in the engine.

Check the spark plug for signs of wear or damage. Replace the spark plug if the porcelain insulator is cracked, an electrode is damaged or melted, or if heavy carbon buildup is present.

Make sure the spark plug works properly with a tester when you purchase a new one from your local auto parts store.

You could see a strong spark between each showing that the area which you’ll need to replace with a new one right away.

Craftsman Snowblower Auger Won’t Turn

The shear bolt is a metal bolt that slides through the auger axle sleeve, locking the sleeve in place with the auger drive axle.

Shear bolts are designed to break in half if they hit a rock or chunk of ice so as to prevent damage to their engine.

If the shear bolt breaks, then the auger won’t be able to turn, and if this happens, you will want it replaced.

You should inspect a broken shear bolt to determine whether or not it needs replacing.

If replacement is needed then we can repair your lawn mower’s shear bolts which will allow for easier turning with less friction for better performance.

The shear pin can be described as a piece of metal that holds the auger drive axle and the auger sleeves together so that they move in sync when the auger turns.

Shear pins are designed to break under heavy stress in a controlled setting so as not to cause damage to anything around them.

A common sign of a shear pin being broken is the auger drive axle getting stuck, making it hard to turn or impossible for turning altogether.

If there is any sign that your shear pin may have been damaged and broken, we recommend swapping it out at once.

Craftsman Snowblower Leaks Gas

Check the fuel pump of your snowblower if it is leaking gas. Also, ensure that the connections of the fuel lines and pulse line are securely attached to the fuel pump, and if there are air gaps or cracks in any of these parts, you should also look elsewhere for your leak.

The primer bulb may be cracked. If a small crack is discovered in the primer bulb, remove the primer bulb from its cylinder and replace it with another.

However, please note that the gas will not have sufficient pressure unless an adequate regulator setting is used on all hoses.

The gas pressure should be at least 40 – 60 psi to ensure that sufficient gas volume is being provided by the compressor to safely operate the spray gun.

Craftsman Snowblower Won’t Throw Snow

craftsman snowblower won't throw snow

The propeller propels the snow inside the chute. If it’s not jammed or broken, then snow will be expelled away when using your snowblower.

If your snowblower is operated by a broken piece of rotating metal and plastic, then you’ll want to replace it.

The V-belt on your lawnmower turns the wheels on your mower to drive it.

If the V-belt is either too loose or too tight, replace it with a new one by cutting off the old one.

If you notice that your V-belt is worn out make sure to replace it soon in order to avoid pushing down too much tension and breaking it entirely.

Craftsman Snowblower Troubleshooting

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