Craftsman Lawn Mower Blades Won’t Engage

Craftsman Lawn Mower Blades Won’t Engage. When you have limited time to care for your lawn, it can be frustrating when you turn on your Craftsman Lawn Mower blades, and they don’t engage.

This turns a routine day’s work into an unexpected repair session. Although several factors can keep your blades from turning, keep in mind that while many are common to all brand types, some are unique to specific manufacturers.

So make sure your operator’s manual is nearby when working on your mower only with the engine turned off and the key removed from the ignition.

Craftsman Lawn Mower Blades Won’t Engage

craftsman lawn mower blades won't engage

Craftsman lawn mower blades won’t engage. If the PTO clutch is not getting power, if the clutch solenoid is broken, or if the clutch is damaged, the lawnmower blades will not work. The PTO clutch can’t be fixed if one of these components is experiencing issues; it has to be replaced.

This article discusses some issues with craftsman lawn mower blades that won’t engage.

Frozen Pulley Freed

Your mower’s idler pulley is the wheel at the edge of the deck, attached by a belt. It spins when you run the engine, which turns your blades.

If the idler pulley freezes in place and doesn’t rotate, neither will your blades. Fix an idler pulley by replacing it but first, make sure you buy the correct part for your brand of mower; these parts aren’t interchangeable between different brands.

You can tell this part from other wheels on the deck because its center has two bearings instead of just one; other wheel types are fixed onto a shaft with only one bearing at its center.

Drive Belt Check

drive belt check

The drive belt is known to break. If your mower’s blades refuse to spin, the belt might be broken. Correct the problem by replacing the drive belt.

The position of the drive belt should also be inspected prior to starting your mower for any signs of wear or damage and replaced if necessary.

Knowing where this part is located and how to replace it will mean you can save time and money in situations where you otherwise might have needed professional help.

Remember that your mower’s deck is one of its most crucial parts, so make sure all of its moving parts remain in excellent working condition at all times.

Switch PTO

The PTO switch powers the PTO clutch; when it’s not functioning properly, the PTO won’t engage, and as a result, your lawnmower blades won’t rotate.

To determine whether or not your PTO switch is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If you find that your PTO switch needs to be replaced, go ahead and order the right part from Parts Warehouse.

Clutch PTO

clutch pto

To stop your mower blades from rotating, engage the PTO (power take-off) clutch. It provides a means of manually disconnecting the engine from the blades.

Manually disengaging the engine gets you to park your lawnmower quickly and safely when you need to work on it or move it around.

If no power is getting to the PTO clutch, you have an electrical issue that may require immediate attention from a certified mechanic.

Contact us in such situations for swift repairs or replacements of defective parts.

Obstructions For Free

There’s a specific component on a mower that actually transmits the power from the engine to the blades so they can actually turn. When debris or something else becomes lodged in this component of the mower.

It prevents the blades from coming together and working with one another. If you break it down even further into simple terms, this component is called a PTO shaft – which stands for Power Take Off Shaft.

If you’re having trouble understanding what exactly this component looks like, look at your operator’s manual and it should make things clearer for you.

Once we’ve established what this component looks like, it’s time to route out any possible irritants from its pathway.

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