Coleman Furnace Troubleshooting

Coleman Furnace Troubleshooting. No one enjoys living in a cold house or waking up to frozen windows and a layer of frost on the ground, but there will come a time when you, unfortunately, have to deal with this kind of situation.

Having an understanding of how your heating system works will be able to help you quieten the elements, whether you’re using a mobile home furnace or a gas furnace designed specifically to heat up more traditional homes. These tips can get your home feeling cozy again in no time.

Coleman Furnace Troubleshootingcoleman furnace troubleshooting

The following is a troubleshooting guide for Coleman furnace problems.

The Coleman Furnace Won’t Heat

Either way, your Coleman isn’t heating correctly. Reset the circuit breaker that switches power to your Coleman furnace if you are not sure what happened.

If everything still isn’t working right after you reset the associated breaker (above), then you’ll want to replace the fuse to get things heating again.

Since it’s related to this problem with the entire unit, switch out the igniter of your Coleman furnace as well and test it with a multimeter for continuity if there is no sign of damage upon inspection.

The Coleman Furnace Cycles Irregularly

Your thermostat might be off-kilter and needs to be adjusted. Check if it has a calibration lock, which will usually appear as a small plastic piece next to the needle or dial.

If there is an “i” at the end of the lock, your thermostat is, in fact, adjustable. If there is no I however and you determine that you don’t have a calibration lock.

Then there may be something wrong with your control board or another component that could mean trouble for your system in general. Locate and replace these parts as necessary.

The Coleman Furnace Doesn’t Blow Hot Air

If your furnace is heating at an inconsistent rate, the problem might be your blower motor. Before you order a new part, try testing the blower first by removing it and putting it back into place inside the unit.

If the airflow doesn’t change, then check the power supply that powers the motor to see if it’s connected to power and if so, determine whether or not.

It’s working effectively or malfunctioning entirely. Each scenario results in the replacement of either the blower motor or connecting belt (which are directly linked to one another).

The Coleman Furnace Blows Too Much Air

The control board is experiencing malfunctions. The relay that regulates how much voltage is sent to the blower motor has a short in it so you’ll have to replace the control board.

The contact on your thermostat that’s responsible for controlling the blower motor is malfunctioning so check continuity with a multimeter to see if it’s still working properly or not. If it’s not working then you’ll want to remove and replace it accordingly.

The Coleman Furnace Starts And Then Stops Shortly After

The flame sensor detects whether a flame is present in the appliance. While flame sensors do require some attention they are rather low maintenance devices so the first step to take would be using a fine abrasive pad to clean the sensor if it appears to be dirty.

If the cleaning of the flame sensor does not fix your issue, it’s possible that you’ll need to replace the sensor altogether due to a possible parts defect.

Coleman Furnace Troubleshooting

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