Broan Bathroom Fan Not Working

Broan Bathroom Fan Not Working. Perhaps your Broan Bathroom fan isn’t working and it could really be something as simple as the fact that you had a late night and forgot to turn it on.

But if there’s no electrical power going to the bathroom then it’s an easy fix if that’s actually the case.

If there is the power to the bathroom but not enough air seems to be coming out, I’d check for clogs in the plenum or perhaps even too much debris in and around the shaft of your Broan Bathroom fan.

Of course, this is dependent upon your specific brand and model of bathroom fan, which is why we recommend consulting a professional before attempting any repairs on your own.

Broan Bathroom Fan Not Working

broan bathroom fan not working

In this article, we discuss some issues with Boran bathroom fans when they don’t work.

Problems With Fan Motors

There is a possibility that the fan motor is faulty. In order to find out if the fan motor has power, one can use a multimeter to test.

If the fan is working since a fully functioning fan will run when plugged in.

If the fan motor doesn’t work, it can be replaced with another one if it proves to be faulty.

Defective Blower Wheel

Make sure the blower wheel is spinning freely when the fan motor is not receiving electricity.

If the blower wheel is touchy or shaky, check for any obstructions that may be present between the blades of the fan and the internal body of the device.

In addition, if you think something might be stuck on a blade and it’s rubbing against an immovable part of the device casing, then you are probably right.

Sometimes, you can get away with just going through all these steps and a little more until you unearth your own form of obstruction.

Faulty Fan Blade

The first thing you should do is inspect the blades to see if they have any damage. If you find any blades that have any damage, replace them immediately.

In order to ensure that none of the blades have been damaged, try turning the blades by hand.

If the motor does not turn freely, check for obstructions including lint and pet hair. Once these have been removed, if you still can’t turn it on by hand then this could mean that your fan’s motor shaft is broken and may need replacing.


What are the signs that my bathroom fan motor is bad?

If the bathroom fan is not turning on, then the issue is either with its switch or the wiring to it. To deal with this problem, first, disconnect the wires coming out of the fan itself.

Next check both ends of these three loose wires with a multimeter to make sure their potential difference is no more than about 20 volts. If they are fine, replace the bathroom fan switch.

Is it possible to replace my bathroom fan?

The “no cut” or “room side” bathroom vent fans are frequently used in homes that have been recently remodeled.

The old vent fan simply needs to be removed, the new fan housing attached, the ductwork and wiring connected, and there’s no need to cut the ductwork.

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