Bradford white water heater pilot light

Bradford white water heater pilot light. The Bradford White Corporation is a team of American-owned companies that design, engineer, and build water heating and storage solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and emergency applications. Our three manufacturing plants are located in Middleville, Michigan; Rochester, New Hampshire; and Niles, Michigan.

Every one of our facilities is staffed with highly experienced workers and craftspeople who know their jobs and are trained to use the best materials available from here in the states as well as around the globe.

We’ve proven ourselves to be good stewards of our natural resources while building a superior product that has earned us loyalty from consumers and installers alike.

Bradford white water heater pilot light

If you have problems with your Bradford White water heater, we’ve got you covered! Our guide will show you the basics of how to fix a Bradford White Water Heater. Here we will discuss some common problems and their solutions in this post.

Defective Pressure Switch

The pilot light that allows the water heater to function is ignited by air pressure traveling through a switch. It’s important to remember that the burner must have adequate airflow in order to ignite before flipping the switch.defective pressure switch

If there is not enough pressure, the area around the pilot will become excessively hot and may cause a fire.

Defective Pilot

] If the pilot does not light, the water heater will not heat. Carbon deposits can build up on the pilot and cause it to restrict. If a restricted pilot cannot be cleaned or carbon deposits persist, the pilot may have to be replaced.

Faulty Spark Electrode

Some heating systems use spark electrodes to ignite the pilot. If the electrode stops working, it can be replaced by opening a small compartment in your home water heater, using a screwdriver to remove some screws (they will probably be marked with + signs on them) and then pulling out the old electrode with a pair of tongs.

Thermocouple Defectsthermocouple defects

The thermocouple is like a pilot light in your kitchen. If you don’t turn on the pilot, you won’t be able to light anything else up!. If the thermocouple does not detect a flame, the ignition process will stall, and the burner will not light.

Problem with Igniter

If your igniter isn’t functioning properly, then you will have a hard time getting your hot water. First, plug your burner into a working outlet and make sure it is receiving voltage by watching for a red glow from underneath.

If the igniter glows but no flames show up, then your igniter could be defective and you need to change it out.

 No incoming gas

No gas is coming in. Or there may not be enough gas pressure. Turn on the gas supply, and/or check to see if the problem is the result of low gas pressure.

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