Bosch Dishwasher Won’t Start

Bosch Dishwasher Won’t Start. A dishwasher is one of the most helpful appliances in a kitchen. However, it’s almost frustrating when after a whole day at work and spending so much time cooking, cleaning, and washing the dishes, you turn on your dishwasher only to find that it doesn’t start or keeps turning off when cleaning.

Sometimes there are just some little things preventing your dishwasher from starting or taking the normal cycle. Our Bosch Dishwasher Repair technicians can take care of all these issues with ease.

Bosch Dishwasher Won’t Start

bosch dishwasher won't start

If your dishwasher’s control panel is front-facing try with the door closed, pressing firmly then releasing the Start Button. Wait 5 seconds for the dishwasher to respond. To reset your modern dishwasher, press and hold the Start button for about 3 to 5 seconds.

This article describes a problem with a Bosch dishwasher that will not start.

Water Supply Problem

When a Bosch Dishwasher fails to start, one of the things you need to check for is the water supply.

A leaking hose may not allow proper energy flow into the dishwasher, making it impossible for it to engage properly without significant water being present.

Make sure your water valve is turned on and your dishwasher has an adequate water supply that isn’t restricted in any way so that it can activate properly.

Remember that some Bosch dishwashers use an inlet valve instead of a faucet’s hose because this specific piece makes it easier to fill and operate with less hassle.

This means that if there is something wrong with this component, like perhaps if it malfunctions, you will have trouble filling and operating the dishwasher effectively if at all.

You may need to have this fixed or replaced right away so everything will run smoothly in your household.

Faulty Drive Motor

The dishwasher’s motor is the part that circulates water to clean your dirty dishes. Electrical power for this pump comes from a timer in conjunction with motor wires, and it can be powered by electricity or gas.

The dishwasher may not run when the relay sends power to the motor because something is affecting its functioning such as a problem with the drive belt that keeps turning it over.

When your dishwasher sounds funny, you may want to check for any humming noises coming from systems inside of it that have motors working in them, such as pumps and fans.

If it makes a loud noise if no foreign objects are obstructing its mechanisms, this could indicate that the motor has seized up and will need replacing for everything to work again so your dishes can get clean again.

Defective Selector Switch

defective selector switch

On a dishwasher, there are several different options for wash cycles, which you change using the selector switch. Some models of dishwashers, like the ones made by Electrolux, can be found inside the motor or fill circuit, but this doesn’t take away from how reliable they are.

Before you begin fixing them though, make sure the power and water are completely off. You should also check to see if there is continuity with a multimeter to find out whether both wires coming from the selector switch are still in working order.

If for some reason that’s not in order either, use your dishwasher’s set wiring diagram as a reference to conducting any repairs needed.

Thermal Fuse Issue

The thermal fuse prevents the dishwasher from overheating. If it detects that the machine is heating up, it cuts off all power to the appliance therefore preventing any danger while also keeping your appliance from starting.

If the thermal fuse pops out, then you’ll want to check if it’s shorted by using a multimeter to test its continuity. If the thermal fuse isn’t shorted, then replacing it is in order.

Error in Touchpad

error in touchpad

To determine if the touchpad is at fault, press various buttons on it.

If some of the buttons don’t react to input, the touchpad might be defective and you need to replace it.

But first, check with your manufacturer on whether they sell the touchpad separately or if you will need to buy a new touchpad and control panel together (the latter is typical).

If you cannot purchase just the touchpad, make sure that if you do have purchased a control panel as well, then do so before taking apart any other components such as the trackpad or its surrounding plastic casing.

Main Control Board Failed

The main control board is the heart and soul of any dishwasher. The board provides power to nearly every component that makes a dishwasher run.

If there is an issue with the main control board, it might not good for the dishwasher to start. In cases like this, it’s necessary to properly diagnose what exactly is going on before replacing the part.

Oftentimes, faulty parts are replaced when they’re not really needed making just as much work as previously needed in the first place.

Door Switch Malfunction

Dishwashers feature a door switch that parenthetically toggles if the door is opened or closed. If a door switch is not functioning properly, then it will prevent the cycle from completing itself.

Before diving into troubleshooting as to why this issue is occurring, use a multimeter before and after testing the door switch in order to find out if there’s continuity within the wire or circuit board.

If there are no results recorded when tested, consider replacing any faulty switches with an identical working one in order to get your dishwasher up and running.

Bosch Dishwasher Won’t Start

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