Bosch Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

Bosch Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes. Just as one must be careful not to overload the Bosch washer with too many wet dishes, he or she must also ensure that it is not unloaded in a way that traps any excess moisture for later use.

Unloading the lower rack of your dishwasher before the top rack helps direct any excess water from the top rack to flow directly into the appliance’s interior below.

Ensure that you unload your dishwasher properly in order to take full advantage of its features and attain optimal results.

Bosch Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

bosch dishwasher not drying dishes

If you’re unloading your dishwasher and you notice that the bottom rack is wet, there’s a good chance that the upper one is too.

Always remember to unload the lower rack first, before moving up.

By letting waterfall onto dishes first, rather than leave them in a puddle at the top of your machine during this process you’ll be sure to dry off your dishes successfully every time

The following is a discussion of some problems with Bosch dishwashers that don’t dry the dishes.

Drying Fan Check

The drying fan of the dishwasher is another integral part of the dishwasher that is responsible for getting your dishes dried after they’ve been washed.

When this component stops working correctly, you may not have completed the job thoroughly enough and will likely come back to notice water spots on your dishes that haven’t yet fully dried.

Before giving up on fixing your current drying fan, it’s vital to know first how to attempt troubleshooting initially as we mentioned above, so that you won’t spend any money unnecessarily.

You need a replacement only if there is no other way around it.

Power Issues

Your food will not dry properly if you’re electricity is interrupted. Make sure the dishwasher is constantly connected to power, and test the outlet with another appliance.

Fully insert the power cord into the outlet. Check your household fuses or circuit breakers. Reset the circuit breakers if either is tripped.

Examine your fuses to see whether any are burned out. A burned-out fuse usually has broken wires or it’s blackened. Replace the fuse as needed before continuing to use your dishwasher.

Issues With Vents

There might be a problem with the vent opening. As the dishes are drying, many dishwashers use a vent to let out the hot and steamy air emitted during the rinse cycle.

If the vent does not open properly, the dishwasher will leave moisture on the dishes.

Check your vent to ensure that it is working properly so as not to damage your dishes with leftover water that has nowhere else to go but back onto them.

Error With Heating Element

error with heating element

A dishwasher uses hot water to remove the soap from dishes and heats the machine with a heating element.

If the heating element goes out, or if you fail to reconnect it correctly, your machine’s heating element won’t be working effectively.

To determine if the heater went out, test for continuity by using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, then you will want to replace the heating element.

Rinse Aid Refilling

If you have already checked the dishwasher’s filter, cut yourself some slack and sit down at the kitchen table to catch a breather.

The rinse aid tank may be the culprit, but it’s certainly worth checking into before placing blame on something else.

The tank is filled with rinsing liquid that can help wash away food particles from your dishes. If the rinse aid is low, add more of it to kick start things. You may also try turning up the heat.

Final Words

The issue we are facing is not a simple one, and so the solution cannot be said to not require any special attention or effort on your part to see it through.

According to the article that has been linked above, you will need to follow a couple of steps yourself in order to get the problem sorted on your own.

If your issue doesn’t seem to resolve itself even after trying those solutions, then you will require further assistance from customer support as described in the previous text that has been penned by our internal team.

Bosch Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

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