Bosch dishwasher lights flashing

Bosch dishwasher lights flashing. Dishwashers are an amazing convenience at any home. Although dishwashers come in all shapes and sizes, many of them have similar features that can cause the same problems if not treated with care.

Bosch is the most popular brand for dishwashers because of its reliability, value for money, and functionality.

If a Bosch dishwasher is not fully starting or showing a flashing red light on the top control panel, there might be something wrong with either the power cord or some of the electrical components that may have become defective.

Bosch dishwasher lights flashingwhy bosch dishwasher lights flashing

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions.

Faulty Drain Pump

When a drain pump does not have sufficient water pressure, a light on the control panel will begin flashing to alert you of an error. Check to see if the impeller inside of the pump is free from debris and broken parts.

If it’s clean but still gives problems, consult the manual for troubleshooting.

If there are no explicit details about what is wrong with the pump, test for continuity using a multimeter to see if any current is flowing through it. If none of this solves the problem, you need to replace your pump as soon as possible.

Replace the touchpad and the control panel

Check if the display is working normally first. If it’s working, try pressing the buttons on your touchpad. If some of the buttons are messing up, your touchpad might be corrupted and you need to replace it.

However, confirm this with a professional tech because sometimes manufacturers not only sell different parts of the same laptop but sometimes may require you to get both parts at once even though you only want to change one.

Defective Heating Element

The heating element heats water to the appropriate temperature. When trying to determine if the heater is working, one should use a multimeter to test its continuity. If it does not have electricity running through it, the heating element has burned out and must be replaced.

 Heating element assembly has burned out

Water is heated to operating temperature by the heating element assembly.
It is possible for a light on the control panel to start flashing if the water does not reach the correct temperature after a set amount of time.
A multimeter can be used to test the continuity of the heating element assembly to determine if it has burned out.

Fault Codes error

Check the wiring diagram, tech sheet, and dishwasher manual if the dishwasher lights are flashing or blinking, or if there is an error code on the display.

The latch needs to be fixed

To start, you’ll want to check that the door is closed properly and the latch is securely in place. It’s likely you’re not securing it enough! Bosch dishwashers come with multiple rack systems available.

The common culprit may be one of these racks if the door is being obstructed from closing or opening properly.

If none of these are to blame and the red latch light remains lit when trying to close your door, then you may simply have a faulty latch on your hands.

You could always get a technician over to fix this issue. Or, in many cases, Bosch might even replace your latch free of charge depending on their policy!

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