Arctic Air Freezer Not Freezing

Arctic Air Freezer Not Freezing. Here are some of the more common freezer issues that you may encounter and the top reasons why your freezer has stopped working.

Once you know a bit more about the situation, you’re ready to get reliable freezer repair help from a reputable repair service.

So just sit back, relax and take a look at these easy-to-digest symptoms, which might shed light on why your freezer isn’t freezing.

Arctic Air Freezer Not Freezingarctic air freezer not freezing 022

The following are some problems with Arctic freezers when they don’t freeze.

Issue With Compressor

The compressor is a pump that compresses the refrigerant, creating a low-pressure gas; this gas moves through the evaporator and condenser coils, where it is heated and turned back into liquid.

If a freezer isn’t cooling, there may be something wrong with the compressor. In most cases, however, there is another issue, such as an open circuit in the wiring causing product failure or frozen food not freezing properly.

In either case, check all of the possible corresponding components. If all of those components are operating correctly, then it could be that there is something wrong with the compressor, and it must be replaced by a technician.

Board For User Control And Display

There may be a problem with the user control and display board. It’s not unusual for the user control and display board to be misdiagnosed. Making sure that all other components are functioning properly is a crucial step before replacing a component that’s as expensive as the user control and display board.

Make sure you test the connections going into and coming out of the control and display board to make sure you’re not dealing with a faulty one. If everything checks out, go ahead and replace the board.

Thermostat For Temperature Control

Temperature control thermostats direct voltage to the compressor, evaporator fan motor, and condenser fan motor. The freezer won’t cool if the thermostat isn’t working.

The refrigerant system will not work if the thermostat isn’t functioning. A defective thermostat can be determined by rotating it from the lowest setting to the highest setting and listening for a click.

There is likely nothing wrong with this part if you hear a click. Check the thermostat’s continuity with a multimeter if you do not hear a click. If there is no continuity on your device, then replace it as necessary.

Fan Motor For Condenser

The condenser fan motor will be responsible for drawing air from outside your home through the condenser, thus cooling the refrigerator’s interior. If this is not working, you’ll find that your fridge isn’t really doing a good job of keeping things cold inside.

There are a few steps to take in troubleshooting this problem which starts with cleaning any debris which might have been collected on the blades.

You can then proceed to spin them, and if they’re moving irregularly, it could mean that the motor bearings need replacing.

Before you proceed to do so, however, you might want to make sure there aren’t any electrical issues present by using a multimeter to test whether there is continuity in the motor. If not, it probably means that the motor needs to be replaced entirely.

Frosted Evaporator Coils

The most common cause of this condition is a malfunctioning defrost system. Defrost heaters turn on several times throughout the day to melt any frost that may have accumulated on the freezer evaporator coils.

If the defrost heater doesn’t turn on, frost will continue to accumulate on the evaporator coils, and the coils will eventually frost over.

To determine if the defrost heater is at fault, use a multimeter to test for continuity between its wires. If there is no continuity between these wires, replace them.

Faulty Start Relay

The start relay provides power for the compressor. If the start relay doesn’t work properly, the compressor may run intermittently or not run at all. If the compressor doesn’t run, the freezer may not cool properly.

To determine if the start relay is causing issues, first unplug the freezer and then disconnect it from the compressor.

Use a multimeter to test for continuity between any selectable pairs of terminals on the starter relay, with one end of each of your multimeter leads clipped to each pair. If it’s broken/damaged, or burnt, replace it.

Fan Motor For Evaporator

During the operation of the evaporator fan, the air is drawn over the coils and circulated throughout the freezer. In the event that the motor that drives the evaporator fan fails, your food will not be cooled appropriately.

It is best to check your controls to see if you can activate the switch, but if you do not succeed in doing this and you require a new one, then contact an appliance parts professional who is able to provide you with repair parts including the fridge parts.

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