Aprilaire humidifiers troubleshooting

Aprilaire humidifiers troubleshooting. No one likes to live in a house with chapped or dry hands and everyone wants nice, comfortable air all the time but this is often hard to achieve when your home’s humidity levels are sub-optimal.

Maybe there’s something wrong with your Aprilaire Humidifier, such as it is unable to get any water, maybe the drums inside it aren’t turning, maybe the system has malfunctioned and is leaking or the fans have stopped working.

Whatever the ‘maybe,’ our troubleshooting guide will help you easily solve whatever problems your humidifier might have and offer steps on how you can restore comfort to your household.

Aprilaire humidifiers troubleshooting

aprilaire humidifiers troubleshooting

Use our troubleshooting guide to fix the problem with your Aprilaire humidifiers.

We’ve got step-by-step instructions to get your joe brewing again by taking care of a common issue that Aprilaire humidifiers can experience in the cool weather months which is clogged pour spouts.

Simply check below and see what seems to be the most likely cause often its sediment build-up and run through some simple steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Aprilaire Humidifier drum does not turn

If the drum will not spin and the wall drive motor is not working, try to verify that the wall drive motor is receiving electricity through the humidistat.

If it does receive electricity but doesn’t turn under its own power, replace the exterior humidifier wall motor.

If it only seems to make slight progress in spinning before stopping, replace the exterior humidifier motor. For a motor that’s loud or appears to be making slight progress before stopping, replace it.

If a single-speed wall fan is running electrically but won’t move air, look for obstruction on all moving parts or something lodged against the device housing itself.

Moving parts can sometimes become jammed in some machines and clear them with your hands or gently shake them until they loosen enough to work smoothly again.

Humidifier won’t be getting water

The water inlet valve is an electrically-controlled valve that opens to allow water to enter the humidifier and fill it with moisture. When the water inlet valve is clogged or defective, a humidifier will not be able to fill with water.

Test a water inlet valve for continuity using a multimeter. If the water inlet valve does not have continuity, replace it. In addition, test the incoming power to the valve using a multimeter.

If the water inlet valve has continuity and is getting power but isn’t opening, check all components upstream before replacing any parts.

Although if it turns out that a component upstream of the water inlet valve may be broken, one should then proceed on replacing that part as well as repairing or replacing other associated components as deemed necessary.

The humidifier fan not working

Use your hand to turn the fan blade within the motor. If the fan is not turning then disconnect it and inspect its wiring because there may be a break or wire fraying around somewhere that could cause this issue.

If you can spin it freely, inspect it for continuity with a multimeter to make sure everything’s okay there – if not replace it.

Humidifier draining problem

The water evaporator pad might be clogged with calcium and other mineral deposits. Once the water evaporator pad is clogged, the water rides along the top of the pad and drips down outside of the water collection tray at the bottom.

If it does not exit properly check the water evaporator pad and replace it as needed. If the humidifier doesn’t drain properly, you may have to check the water evaporator pad and clean it should anything get in its way.

Make sure it doesn’t affect performance so that it will continue to ensure optimal humidifying conditions leaving your room feeling nice and moist without a stench or any unwanted outcomes.

Water lines might be broken

water lines might be broken

One of your water lines might be broken. Check the water line from the inlet valve to the evaporator pad, and check the line running down to where it meets the base unit as well.

If you notice that clogs have formed, try clearing them out using something thin like a wire hanger.

If they still leak even after you’ve cleared them, then it’s probably time to throw in the towel and invest in a new one!

Humidifier overflowing issue

If the reservoir starts to overflow but the float valves aren’t shutting off properly, then you have a problem with your hands.

Two potential issues could arise if this is happening firstly it could be that your float valves are jammed or otherwise malfunctioning and need replacing, or it could be that one of your water inlet valves isn’t working.

If you check out the water inlet valve but everything seems to be OK there, try replacing the float valves instead.

If they’re both fine, however, then the problem is likely with either something cracked inside the valve or there’s an actual problem with the impeller itself.

Aprilaire humidifiers troubleshooting

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