Amana stove troubleshooting

Amana stove troubleshooting. Amana Stove/ovens are made by Whirlpool Corporation and sold through many department stores and a number of websites. Their range should heat when you set a temperature on the control panel.

Commonly, Amana ovens aren’t working because of interrupted or disconnected electricity or gas supplies.

This article will show you how to fix common problems with your Amana cooking ranges and repair your oven the right way.

Amana Stove troubleshooting

amana stove troubleshooting

If the Amana stove section doesn’t work, here are some more common reasons why and how to repair them.

The Amana oven will not turn on

If the oven is not functioning, it’s possible the thermal fuse has blown.

The thermal fuse trips if the oven gets too hot. You can check if this is the cause of the problem by checking its continuity with a multimeter.

If there is no continuity or if it tests faulty, you need to replace it. The thermal fuse cannot be reset if it tests faulty, you must replace it.

If your electric range does not function properly and/or will not startup, there may be a problem with your electrical outlet.

You should check that electronic equipment in different areas of your home receives power similarly failing to do so could mean there is an issue with your breaker panel or worse still your entire electrical system.

Amana Stove heating element is not working

The surface element board communicates with relays to manage the flow of power to the stove. If one or more of the relays are defective, power will not be regulated and the burners won’t ignite.

If two or more burners fail together, this is an indication that something may require replacing such as a faulty relay on the surface element board.

If only one surface element fails to light up, it could be a problem with an individual burner (which could lead you to check for electrical issues).

Depending on the user’s setting, the oven control board sends voltage to bake and broil circuits. To troubleshoot whether or not it needs replacing, the first test for proper circuit continuity with a multimeter.

A bad switch may burn out several other components in your cooktop if it’s defective so don’t wait around – replace it right away once the culprit has been confirmed by replacing the switch.

 Amana stove burner will not light

A spark module is a mechanical-electrical device that forms part of the control assembly on a gas range by supplying electricity to the burner spark ignition components.

It produces a high voltage current of low direct current with an audible spark, which jumps across the arc gap at the tip of the electrode.

Check to see if other burners are sparking if your range’s burner doesn’t spark. If other burners are sparking properly, then the spark ignition switch or ignition circuit breaker might be defective.

The most likely reason for this situation is an irregularity in the circuit from either or both switches, or corrosion on holders connectors and terminals inside your range.

Amana Oven does not heat

When your oven is not heating, it’s usually caused by a defective igniter. The igniter has two primary purposes.

It draws current through the safety valve to open it and allows the gas to flow in order to ignite the burner on our range or cooktop.

If the igniter gets weakened, it will not be able to properly trigger this function and the stove will fail to heat up.

If we want to be sure if our element has burned out, we can use a multimeter. If we choose to replace it and want to avoid similar problems, then get exactly the same type of heater like the one that got burned out.

The Amana oven temperature is inaccurate

When the bake element is heating properly, it glows red hot. Look to see if the thermometer reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit and stays there for at least 60 seconds before assessing whether or not the element is heating as it should be.

If you determine that your bake element does not have continuity, replace it. The oven temperature will drop too low before the burner reignites due to a faulty bake element, causing uneven cooking and possibly burning of cookies, cakes, or pastries.

Electricity is used to open the gas valve by the igniter. Over time, the igniter weakens, causing the gas valve to take longer to open.
The oven temperature will drop too low before the burner is re-ignited. An oven’s temperature should not drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit before the igniter relights the burner.

Amana Range burners constantly spark

The spark ignition switch is defective. It sends voltage to the spark module. As soon as the electrical contacts inside the switch close, power flows to the spark module.

If some of the contacts are broken and won’t transmit power, then no matter how much force you apply, it just won’t work in its original intended manner.

To find out which one might be defective, test each of them with a multimeter and check if they do their job properly.

Amana Oven fan will not turn off

The oven control board has sensors that help regulate the amount of power being sent to the oven.

If a sensor goes bad, it could send too much power to the fan and burn out the fan. It’s important to check first if any sensors are causing problems before replacing the board.

When the oven heats up, the high limit thermostat sends voltage to the oven fan. Even after the oven has cooled down, a defective high limit thermostat may still send voltage to the fan.
A multimeter can be used to determine if a thermostat is defective by checking for continuity. Replacing the high limit thermostat is the best course of action.
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