Amana refrigerator water dispenser not working

Amana refrigerator water dispenser not working. Your Amana refrigerator may seem like a simple appliance for cooling your food, but under the surface, there is a lot going on in order for it to be able to dispense ice and water into your glass.

The instrument panel and water dispenser are constructed mainly out of plastic and are subject to failure over time during regular use. If you have trouble with the dispenser on your refrigerator.

Don’t fret – it would be more beneficial to perform the repair yourself than hire a service technician as they will likely charge you hundreds of dollars just to come out and look at your fridge.

By performing the repairs yourself, not only will you have prepared yourself for future usage of your own refrigerator, but also save yourself a great deal of money.

Amana refrigerator water dispenser not workingamana refrigerator water dispenser

Amana refrigerators are a popular brand of household appliances with many advanced and useful features. However, what happens when your refrigerator’s water dispenser does not work?

No one wants to bother with the inconvenience this is for you and your family, but knowing how to fix the problem effectively can have you up and running in no time at all.

That’s why we’ve put together these solutions that lend you a hand even though it may be quite a big problem when they happen.

Defective Water Inlet Valve

The braided steel wire that feeds water into this unit is the clear plastic tube attached to the dispenser. The valve requiring 20psi is what controls the flow of water through this tube.

When the valve becomes defective or the internal parts fail, the spigot cannot control water flow and water pressure cannot be regulated. If this happens, simply replace the broken part with a new one.

The new replacement will filter out impurities so that the spigot is able to control water pressure once again.

Faulty Water Tube

If your freezer’s water supply tube is frozen, you can discover this by disconnecting the tube from the door and blowing air through it. If you aren’t able to blow air through the tube, this would indicate that it is indeed frozen.

We recommend you thaw it at room temperature or by running warm water over it in order to get rid of all ice and try to prevent it from freezing again next time.

In addition to thawing out the freezer’s water supply system, make sure that your freezer is kept at a cold but consistent temperature and that there is enough airflow throughout your space.

Ideally, this should be kept between 0-10 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on what type of food you will store).

The dispenser Control Board isn’t working

The dispenser control board controls most of the functions of the machine. If a fault is detected, it could mean that the power may be cut off to the remainder of the machine.

If one part of the dispenser does not appear to be functioning, it is a good idea to test each individual component before testing the control board.

It is more likely that a part has failed than if none of the parts are working when it’s actually still intact but just not turning on. If all of the parts appear to be okay, and they aren’t responding in any way, there would most likely be an issue with the board.

Water Pressure is too low

Water pressure may be low. Water is supplied to the refrigerator’s water dispenser through the inlet valve. The refrigerator uses a standard garden hose with an internal check valve to supply the lower, food-dispensing portion of the faucet.

When this inlet valve fails and cannot supply sufficient pressure to the internal check valve, it allows cold water to drip out of a small hole at its base.

Check the flow and test the pressure at the problem faucet by holding a finger over its bottom hole while opening and closing its top shutoff valve slightly.

Some time will be required to relieve or increase tension within and adjust to release or lead by allowing cold water drip until high enough inside of spigot/hose.

 Replace Door Switch

If the door switch is defective it will cause the refrigerator’s water dispenser to not function properly. However, if you have a multimeter, you can easily test it and replace it immediately.

A clogged water filter

The clogged water filter restricts the flow of water in the sink, preventing clean, filtered water from reaching the dispenser. Replacement of the filter about every six months will maintain quality.

The dispenser switch does not have continuity

The dispenser uses switches that tell it when to dispense the drink. If one of these switches fails, the whole thing will be a bust! Checking each switch for continuity and replacing any that do not pass should get you back in business.

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