Amana refrigerator not cooling

Amana refrigerator not cooling. Fridges, freezers, and other appliances in the household are typically used to preserve food but there are occasions when they’re not in use.

If your refrigerator has stopped working or you’re experiencing problems, performing a few simple troubleshooting checks before you call service can prevent further breakdowns and keep your energy bills low.

Some problem signs include decreased or no cooling or freezing, thawing, condensation in freezer sections warm air coming from vents, particularly when it’s cold outside, and an accumulation of frost inside the fridge.

Amana refrigerator not coolingrefrigerator not cooling 2021

If you have an Amana refrigerator that isn’t cooling or freezing, don’t despair because it can still be fixed. With the steps below, you will be able to diagnose and remedy Amana refrigerator problems without breaking a sweat.

Condenser coils should be cleaned

If you notice that your Amana refrigerator is not cooling the way it should be, one of the first things to check would be the condenser coils these are found at the bottom rear corner of your refrigerator and are responsible for giving off heat.

As you use your refrigerator and continue down the road of its lifetime, dust, dirt, and debris will accumulate on these coils.

This can cause them to eventually stop operating properly; in short, they may become too dirty and ineffective at carrying out their job.

If this happens, then your refrigerator’s interior will no longer be able to get the amount of cold air it needs to stay cool inside. Therefore clean those coils.

Check Motorscheck motors

Amana fridges are equipped with two separate motors. The condenser fan motor and the evaporator fan motor are specifically designed to ensure that your fridge is able to maintain a certain level of temperature every time you open it up.

That’s because both of these motors play pivotal roles in determining whether or not your freezer will get cold enough.

If you notice that one or more of these motors are receiving less power than usual from your compressor, simply troubleshoot their connection by carrying out the continuity test to see where the problem is coming from and get a new motor if you notice there’s a defect.

Start Relay and Capacitor are not working properly

It is crucial for you to place the start relay and capacitor in a place where warm air cannot reach them because a warm circuit will trip the relay.

It’s also important that these components are installed with screws so they don’t move around easily. If this is not done, then the refrigerator may not function properly, even if its compressor runs smoothly.

If the start relay and capacitor are not working properly, they won’t cool properly either. In these instances, you should get new ones.

Thermometer Faultthermometer fault

Another way to check if your refrigerator is working fine or if not is by checking the thermometer itself. There are times when they get overused and they might just need to be replaced.

To do this, you will have to use a multimeter first to check the continuity of the thermometer.

If there’s no power then obviously it won’t work properly and you’ll probably have to replace it.

Make sure there is no leakage of coolant

As stated by Appliance Aid, Amana refrigerators experience coolant leaks after lengthy use. If you are experiencing difficulty with your refrigerator cooling and have already tried checking for rot, debris, and excess food that needs to be removed, then you should also check for coolant leaks.

Homeowners handle original refrigerator coolants at their own risk because of the highly toxic nature of these fluids.

However, if you have already noticed a leak it’s is imperative to contact a technician to come to diagnose the problem and re-fill empty lines.

Defect Compressor

The condenser is a pump that compresses refrigerant and circulates it through the evaporator and condenser coils. There could be a multitude of problems if the compressor is not working.

However, there are several other components to check before replacing the compressor. You should also always remember to replace any non-functioning parts with genuine refrigeration compressors.

This will tell you if your compressor is operating correctly or if it’s defective. If the compressor has no connection, then it needs to be replaced by a licensed technician because that means something more significant has gone wrong within your fridge.

Faulty Main Control Board

The main control board is one of many parts on a circuit board that controls power to various electronics.

The main control board may have become faulty from natural wear and tear or from being subjected to extreme heat, but it is almost never the cause of a problem.

Before replacing the main control board, test all of your system’s other components to see if any of them are defective.

The main control boards that have been replaced needlessly because other components were determined to be at fault can be attributed to this mistake.

If none of these electrical components are defective, consider replacing the main control board by itself.

Temperature Control Board problem

In the internal cooling system, temperature control boards provide voltage to the compressor and fan motors. The cooling system cannot function without this board.

Usually, it is misdiagnosed before another faulty component is replaced. Replace the control board if you have checked all the other components and cannot find a problem.

Amana refrigerator not cooling

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