Amana Oven Broiler Not Working

Amana Oven Broiler Not Working. In this article, we are going to be looking at all of the different possibilities for what could go wrong with your household appliances and how you can troubleshoot them so that you can get back to normal use as soon as possible.

You might have problems with something like the Amana Oven Broiler not functioning as it normally would.

Here are a few basic tests you can try before trying to schedule an appointment with a professional in order to have the broiler fixed:

Amana Oven Broiler Not Working

amana oven broiler not working

This article discusses some issues with Amana oven broilers when they do not work.

Issue With Safety Valve

The safety valve functions alongside the ignition to provide gas to the burner.

If a safety valve fails, the oven won’t heat up as it should. It’s very uncommon for a safety valve to undergo problems.

Before replacing your malfunctioning safety valve, first, test all of the other more commonly defective oven components like the igniter.

If all of your other components are working properly, use a multi-meter to check whether the safety valve works by testing its continuity.

If your safety valve has no continuity then you know it’s faulty and must be replaced or tested further by another specialist in that particular industry.

Problem With Relay Board

Some ovens come with a relay board. The relay board controls the voltage to the broiler heating circuit with several relays. The broil element will not function properly if any of the relays on the relay board fail.

The best way to test all of these components as well as isolate what component might be at fault is by checking each one individually to see if they are defective before moving on to test the relay boards.

If all of these components check out fine and you’ve determined that it’s indeed a faulty relay board causing your broiling system malfunctions, you must then replace it.

Defective Broil Element

A faulty broil element can cause experts many headaches. To solve the problem, you must take apart your oven and inspect its wires instead of guessing at suspects. The multimeter will show you who is guilty.

When the broil element first burns out, it becomes extremely hot and may deform, bulge, or swell due to the circuit not having the proper elements to keep the heat from building up.

This disturbs the temperature balance in your oven thus causing an overload of current at one point that may damage some electronic components such as fuses, relays, or even circuit breakers.

Control Board For Ovens

Depending on user settings and sensor input, relays on the oven control board send voltage to the bake and broil circuits. The control board may not send power to the broiler element if it is defective.

Ensure that all components responsible for heating are tested before replacing the control board. Since testing an oven’s control board can be difficult, you will have to replace it if you suspect a problem exists.

Igniter Malfunction

Your oven may come with an igniter as part of the burner assembly. The igniter’s job is to glow red so that the gas will ignite and keep the flames burning continuously.

To determine if the igniter is functioning properly, observe it during baking or broiling. If it glows for more than 90 seconds without igniting the gas, replace it because it’s not strong enough to handle your needs.

Broil Or Bake Spark Electrodes

For broiling, an oven broiler has a spark electrode that is used to ignite the gas. Power is applied to it, and a spark jumps from the tip of the electrode to a metal shield near the electrode, igniting the gas.

If your broiler’s electrode assembly is broken or worn out, this internal flame won’t occur if you decide to use it. Visually check for cracks in its porcelain housing or damage to its tip itself.

Be aware that proper ground and correct polarity at the wall outlet are needed for your range’s electrode assembly to sense that there’s already an existing flame once you turn your broiling device on.

Thermostat For Temperature Control

The temperature control thermostat is used to regulate oven temperature. If the thermostat fails to heat the oven coil, it will not increase or maintain the desired baking temperature.

The oven thermostat cannot be repaired and must be replaced with a new one whenever it fails.

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