Amana Furnace Troubleshooting

Amana Furnace Troubleshooting. If temperatures have been falling below freezing and you notice your home is getting colder than usual, it might be time to replace the older heating devices.

In addition to conventional gas furnaces and warm air furnaces, there are also other less popular devices like the infra-red and radiant floor heaters that you can buy.

To help lower energy bills, install a high-efficiency Amana furnace in your home. Another option to consider is an infrared

or radiant heater that runs on electricity since it readily cut down on utility costs and will not negatively impact your overall cash flow with regards to maintenance and repairs.

Amana Furnace Troubleshooting

amana furnace troubleshooting

If you’re looking for an expert to fix your Amana furnace problems, look no further.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to handle some of the most common issues you might face.

We will take a look at some essential guidelines for troubleshooting Amana furnace problems.

Amana Furnace won’t heat

Gas furnaces feature an igniter that ignites the gas valve and burns hot to provide heat for your home. They turn on when you set your thermostat to a specific temperature.

If your gas furnace does not ignite at all, use a voltage detector to find out if the power is getting to the electrical outlet.

If it’s not, reset the breaker or replace any faulty wiring and then reset the circuit breaker.

Next, look for damage inside your furnace near where the igniter is located that could interfere with its ability to ignite, like a clogged air filter or broken fan belt.

You can clean or repair these parts if they are damaged or worn so that you can identify where the issue lies.

But if none of them seem relevant then remove the burner assembly and test each part of it using a multimeter in order to find out which one might be defective.

The Amana Furnace starts and then stops

The flame sensor is used to detect whether a flame is present during ignition. If the flame sensor does not properly monitor the flame, it might fail to detect it and in turn, cut the gas supply in times of ignition failure.

By taking apart the flame sensor or blasting compressed air inside its casing you can eliminate excess dust or particles that eventually block one of its sensors.

The pressure switch closes when sufficient airflow is present to the burner. The ignition process may stall if a faulty pressure switch fails to close when there is sufficient airflow.
The furnace will then shut off.

Check the continuity of the pressure switch with a multimeter to see if it is defective. If the pressure switch is not working, it should be replaced.

This will help make sure you don’t run into any issues when starting your furnace later on. If this doesn’t do the trick, we recommend purchasing a new one instead.

The Amana Furnace makes a lot of noise

The blower wheel blows air out of the furnace and pumps it through the heating ducts in your house.

The blower wheel is attached to a moving part of the blower motor called the blower motor shaft with a set screw.

If this set screw becomes loose, it will loosen and wobble on the motor shaft, making a grating noise as it turns. Check that set screw before continuing.

Then take a close look at your blower wheel for cracks or other signs of damage like chipped paint or bent fins.

Blower wheels typically get damaged when someone accidentally steps on them or knocks something into them in the attic or crawl space so you may want to check there first if the problem started recently.

Amana furnace blower won’t run

If one of the two capacitors in a split system is faulty, the compressor and/or fan motor might malfunction. To find out whether the capacitor is defective, inspect it for signs of physical damage.

If it is bulging or leaking, replace it. You can also use a meter to test it. For example, if you have access to an ohmmeter, check the points marked X and Y.

If the capacitor has failed, one or both pointer positions will not agree with either of these marks.

If power is getting through to the compressor and/or fan motor but they don’t function properly, for instance, your attic fan seems to have stopped working .

Then one or both parts might be burnt out. If so, replace them with new parts. On most models, you can hear your fan spinning because there is no casing around it that would muffle the sound.

Amana Furnace blower runs continuously

The control board in an electric furnace has relays that regulate the voltage to each device in the system.

If a relay that controls the blower motor fails while it is closed, then it will continue to send current to the motor and cause it to run continuously.

If the control board is broken, you’ll need to replace it with a new one. To test if the wall thermostat is bad, use a multi-meter or continuity tester running between its (R) and (G) terminals.

You should see either no light (indicating open continuity) or see light or electricity flow (indicating closed continuity).

With some devices such as this, you have to look for exact signs as indicated by their documentation otherwise your test may fail due to the poor usability of your testing equipment.

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