Amana Dryer Won’t Start

Amana Dryer Won’t Start. The most common reason why an Amana dryer won’t start is that it is not getting power. This may be caused by a tripped breaker or outlet.

In the event that this is not the problem, it’s possible that something more serious has happened, such as a bad thermal fuse or damaged power cord.

Of course, electricity being unavailable isn’t the only reason why your Amana dryer might have stopped working.

Amana Dryer Won’t Start

amana dryer won't start guide

Handle the fuses with care. Make sure they are intact and tight, or that the circuit breakers have not tripped.

You can test them by first turning off the breakers and then turning them back on. If you find either of these conditions apply, replace the fuse(s) or reset the breakers. If your problem persists, call a licensed electrician.

In this article, we discuss some problems with Amana dryers that won’t work.

Belt Switch Failure

If all of these components are in order and working properly, it’s possible you need to replace your belt switch.

The ultimate goal of the belt switch is to protect your Amana Dryer from damage if too much force is applied to the belt.

It’s very important that this component be intact and functioning correctly so as to avoid any breakages when you’re drying clothes or other types of objects.

Thermofuse Problem

The Amana dryer thermal fuse will only break to save your machine from overheating, prompting it to cease all function. A broken fuse can’t be fixed and the machine won’t turn on again until the fuse is replaced.

While there are cases in which the broken fuse is due to a defective product, it may also happen if vent obstructions cause your dryer to overheat.

Carefully check your vents and remove any blockages immediately so as not to let this happen.

Belt Driven Problem

belt driven problem

When the dryer belt breaks, it commonly does so when most of the heat has escaped from the clothing.

However, with some machines that use a belt-driven system power continues to flow due to an auxiliary switch that cuts off flow when there is a break in the belt.

If you’re dealing with such a machine then it’s only necessary to replace the worn part and avoid calling an electrician as well as breaking your piggy bank open before paying top dollar for the same.

Cause Of The Door Switch

The door switch is activated when the dryer door is closed. On most dryers, a clicking noise is made when the door switch activates.

To check if the door switch is operating properly, turn on your machine and listen for clicking noise as you push down on the door handle; this noise means your machine will work properly.

If you can’t hear any sounds, use a multimeter to test for continuity in the switch. If the switch does not have continuity, replace it.

Faulty Timer

The timer may have been malfunctioning. The mistake is very rare, but it might have happened and we don’t think the user wishes that to happen.

In such a case, you should check all the other parts that are prone to malfunctions if they haven’t already been checked while checking the timer.

If they are functioning properly, you may do a quick test of the timer by measuring it with your multimeter. If it’s working fine, change it.

Exhaust Vent Clogged

The exhaust of your dryer may be blocked due to a clogged vent. The vent is responsible for taking out hot air from the machine, so if it’s blocked, there will be no suction and your Amana Dryer won’t turn on.

To unblock your exhaust: use a vacuum cleaner or coat hanger to remove lint or debris that may have been clogging it years ago these sometimes grow back with dust outside of regular cleaning cycles.

Unplugged Or Damaged Power Source

If your dryer isn’t showing any signs of life, the first thing you should try is to see if there was a power outage in your area. If an outage had occurred, it might be the reason why your clothes aren’t drying.

Also, make sure that your appliances are plugged into a grounded socket directly or at least into a surge protector.

If this does not help and you are still having trouble with spinning towels and sheets, unplugging the dryer and then flipping the circuit breaker off for one minute will solve most issues.

Amana Dryer Won’t Start

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