Amana dryer making loud noise

Amana dryer making loud noise. Be careful not to take apart your Amana electric dryer the wrong way because you might cause more harm than good.

For a repair shop, it’s vital for staff to be knowledgeable in all of the company’s products and services so as not to confuse clients who are looking for a more complex solution than what is needed.

Amana dryer making a loud noise

amana dryer making loud noise

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions for the Amana dryer making loud noise.

 Maintenance Kit issue

If you believe one of your dryer’s parts might be at fault and you don’t know how to tell what part it is, we have the solution for you: a Dryer Maintenance Kit.

The kit contains all of the parts that are commonly at fault when your dryer is making noise. Find your model number online and search for the maintenance kit specifically for your machine.

Problem With Drum Slide, Glide

The drum slides might deteriorate. They are these little parts attached to the drum which prevent it from rubbing on the chassis and making noise.

As the drum rotates, it glides over them. Over time, they break down and have to be replaced.

The best action is not to delay: take care of it before noise will eventually become too irritating and they may break down completely.

Defective Drive Belt

Throughout the dryer drum, the drive belt is a very long, slender belt. As well as wrapping around a tension pulley, it also wraps around the motor drive.

If this drive belt becomes damaged, it can cause excessive noise during the drying process.

Inspect your dryer’s drive belt for any sign of wear or tear – if you find that it has become frayed or otherwise compromised, don’t wait to contact our team of appliance repair professionals.

Faulty Drum Roller Axle

Most dryers have two drum support rollers located on the rear of the drum, as well as a couple located in front.

Over time, the drum axles and rollers wear out and make a groaning-like sound that doesn’t belong in polite company.

To determine if the axles are worn out, you can turn or spin the drum by hand (but don’t excessively rotate it).

If it doesn’t freely turn or spin, then you probably need new replacement parts ordered to replace them (which is what we recommend doing right away practically speaking).

After all, removing those old worn-out parts might just be a part of keeping your home in tip-top shape.

Defective Blower Wheel 

Blower wheels are responsible for taking the hot air produced by the dryer and pushing it through the vents and out of your home.

Lint can build up pretty frequently around blower wheels which makes them extremely susceptible to wear and tear.

The sleeves that conceal these parts or any other obstruction that might be present will cause wobbling which affects the way they work.

Blower wheels with this sort of problem need to be replaced so they can keep performing their core function of distributing heated air evenly in your laundry room.

Idler Assembly worn out

We recommend that you replace both the driving belt and the wheel bearing. This will aid in preventing future issues with excessive vibration, which could lead to further component and system damage.

Check Drive Motor

The drive motor bearings are rarely the cause of a failed motor. Inspect the other components first. You should replace the drive motor if all of the other components are working properly.

Drum Bearing Fault

When the drum bearing wears out, the dryer drum may make noises when it is being used. To eliminate this issue, you should turn the drum by hand to determine if it’s the cause.

If the dryer makes squealing or grinding sounds while turning and you can’t easily turn it, then you should check to see if you need a replacement for the worn-out parts.

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